New rulesTo achieve the most favorable mode of operation of existing and new (newly commissioned) electrical equipment of the economy of the Russian Federation, July 24, 2013, the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation issued a new set of rules establishing electrical safety standards at facilities - consumers of electrical energy (of all forms of ownership, adopted by legislative acts of the Russian Federation), and providing for a degree of responsibility officials - performers of all levels in the system of consumption, redistribution and transmission of electrical energy for the needs of facilities located on the territory of Russia.


  • 1 Rules of technical operation
  • 2 Document structure
    • 2.1 Section 1
    • 2.2 Section 2
    • 2.3 Section 3
    • 2.4 Applications
  • 3 Conclusion

Rules of technical operation

The code of rules for registration No. 30593, entered into legal force on December 12, 2013, and is binding on the entire territory of the Russian Federation (before its adoption and entry into the force of the new provision on electrical safety standards in the operation of all electrical installations listed in this legislation), signed by the Minister of Energy and

approved by the Ministry of Justice.

At the current time, the document (set of rules) is the only authoritative regulatory legal act in question electrical safety in the operation of electrical objects in the territory and objects of the Russian Federation (industry application: electric power industry).

This industry legislative act (Rules for the technical operation of electrical installations of consumers, the abbreviation PTEEP) contains 183 pages of printed text:

  • technical characteristics - norms (rules) of electrical safety for competent operation of electrical engineering objects (electrical installations);
  • a list of necessary measures for the implementation of electrical safety standards (rules) in the operation of electrical equipment (electrical installations);
  • necessary explanations on the degree of responsibility for violations of the rules and standards of electrical safety in the operation of electrical installations (electrical installations).

as well as the necessary applications:

  • tables;
  • blueprints;
  • Samples of reporting, accounting and other documents provided for by the rules of workflow in the field of electrical safety in the operation of electrical engineering objects.

Document structure

The above-mentioned official document (set of rules) has the following structure:

  • table of contents;
  • the main part;
  • applications.

In the main part of the document (set of rules) There are sections describing:

  • organization of the process of safe operation of electrical installations;
  • characteristics and norms (rules) of the safe operation of electrical equipment and general-purpose electrical installations;
  • characteristics and norms (rules) of safe operation of electrical equipment and special-purpose electrical installations

Section 1

Amendments to the rulesIn section 1, dedicated to the rules of the organization of the accident-free operation of electrical installations, There are chapters dedicated to:

  • (rules) of electrical safety during operation of electrical installations;
  • the responsibilities and degree of responsibility of consumers for their compliance with electrical safety rules during the operation of electrical installations;
  • issues of commissioning of electrical installations;
  • requirements for electrical service personnel and the creation of the necessary level of training.

Chapter 1.5 is devoted to the management of electrical equipment and in addition to general provisions contains recommendations and rules - requirements for the operational management of the entrusted electrical facilities (including recommendations and rules - requirements for the creation and maintenance of automatic control systems (automated control systems)) energy management.

Chapter 1.6 is devoted to the maintenance, repair, upgrades and reconstruction of electrical equipment and related electrical equipment.

Chapter 1.7 talks about safety regulations and measures to comply with environmental recommendations and requirements.

Chapter 1.8. This is a list of equipment and technical documentation necessary for the organization of trouble-free operation.

Section 2

Section 2, on general-purpose electrical installations, describes safe working parameters the following electrical installations (and otherwise equated to it by its technical data of electrical equipment):

  • New rules sectionpower transformers and reactors;
  • switchgears and substations;
  • overhead power lines and conductors;
  • cable lines;
  • electric motors;
  • relay protection, electric, telemechanics;
  • grounding devices;
  • condenser installations;
  • battery systems;
  • electric lighting.

It also lists the required parameters for monitoring, measuring, metering and surge protection measures (Chapters 2.8 and 2.11).

Section 3

In section 3, dedicated to electrical installations for special purposes, describes the parameters of the safe operation of the following electrical installations (and other electrical equipment equated to it according to its technical data):

  1. electric welding installations;
  2. electrothermal installations;
  3. technological power stations of consumers;
  4. electrical equipment for hazardous areas;
  5. portable and mobile power consumers.

The methodological instructions for conducting electrical equipment tests for electrical safety, as well as consumer apparatuses and electrical installations, are discussed in chapter 3.6.


ApplicationsMain document (set of rules) is supplemented by applications containing forms, drawings, tables, necessary for organizing the mode of operation with electrical equipment, in particular, with electrical installations.

Appendix 1 - a form – sample application form - an obligation to impose liability on the contractor (manager, owner) for the safety of operation of electrical installations entrusted to him.

Appendix 2 is a document., setting out and regulating the sequence of stages of electrical diagnostics of electrical installations of consumers.

In addition to the tasks and conditions, as well as indicators and characteristics of technical diagnostics, the application reports on the characteristics of the existing nomenclature component diagnostic parameters, applied methods, means and methods of technical diagnostics with the subsequent processing of the obtained results (technical diagnosing).

The application includes table 2.1 indicators of reliability (accuracy) of indicators in the diagnosis of electrical installations.

Appendix 3 in conjunction with Appendix 3.1 (Tables 1 - 38) informs testers of indicators when testing electrical equipment, as well as individual units and units of electrical installations of consumers.

Appendix 4 reports the allowable limits for increasing the power frequency voltage for electrical equipment arising during operational switching (as well as in emergency (forced) and start-up modes).

Appendix 5 contains technical specifications (Parameters) Explosion-Proof Flameproof Connections:

  • electrical equipment of categories 1, 2, 3 by PIVRE (PIVE);
  • electrical equipment of subgroups IIA and IIB;
  • electrical equipment subgroup IIC.

and :

  • What limits are allowedshells electrical equipment subgroup PA;
  • covers of electrical equipment of subgroup II B;
  • covers of electrical equipment of subgroup IС;
  • Threaded flameproof connections

Appendix 6 is a sample of how to properly install elastic rings on explosion-proof electrical equipment.


The final part of the document contains short list of termsused in the Rules for the Technical Operation of Electrical Installations of Consumers, and their definitions (in order to avoid discrepancies, when conducting activities and processing data, received in the course of these activities aimed at improving the electrical safety of electrical objects of the national economy in the Russian Federation).