Structure of AMR varietiesOne of the leading companies for the production of electrical equipment "Matrix" has released an automated system for commercial metering of electricity (AMR). If we compare the metering system with other electricity metering systems, then this model demonstrates the best technical characteristics and functionality.


  • 1 Advantages of AMR in solving modern energy problems
  • 2 Purpose of AMR
  • 3 Matrix Scope
  • 4 Matrix design

Advantages of AMR in solving modern energy problems

Feedback on the operation of ASKUE LLC MatrixThe company "Matrix" uses for the production of devices ASCAE only advanced technology, which allows to obtain high-precision measuring instruments. "Matrix" is constantly engaged in the improvement of all production processes, which helps to take a leading position in the market and sell high-quality electricity metering devices.

The Matrix operates in a three-level format:

  • The top level is the center for collecting and processing information, in the form of a computer and a GSM modem.
  • The middle level in the form of a router, created to collect information on power lines, from the meters connected to the program and transmit data to the center using the built-in modem.
  • The lower level is represented by electricity meters in the form of remote displays.

One of the big problems of modern energy is the theft of electricity by mechanical action on metering devices, failure to pay for a long time. time bills for energy consumption, the use of special winding installations, hidden wiring, and leakage when using outdated instruments accounting. All this led to the application of new technologies and the creation of automated system for commercial accounting. Matrix company since 2004 is a leading manufacturer of AMR in the Russian market.

Purpose of AMR

ASKUE needed first of all:

  • Automated system of commercial accounting of electricity (AMR) based on the equipment of the company "Matrix"For direct control over the quality, quantity, frequency, voltage, temperature and other qualitative characteristics of the resources consumed by man.
  • The matrix allows you to quickly analyze, accumulate and process databases with available information to perform commercial calculations.
  • ASCAE helps to increase the accuracy and efficiency when accounting for electricity.
  • For large enterprises ASCAE is irreplaceable due to different control schemes for the distribution of energy and power, which contributes to the reduction of energy consumption.
  • Reducing energy consumption and power has a beneficial effect on the payment of energy resources. The matrix helps to save on the expenditure of electricity.
  • ASCAE performs all calculations for electricity between the supplier and the consumer in an automated mode.

The advantages of using a matrix include a monitoring system, a multi-tariff mode, ease of instrument setup, and reliable operation of the entire system. Thanks to the monitoring system, AMR is able to exchange data with confidence by transmitting it over a power network. This technology allows reliable and stable communication, thanks to the dual-frequency channel of the signal relay.

AMR is able to prevent theft of energy due to the possibility of convergence of balances. After commissioning, the matrix significantly reduces the loss of electricity. A power relay with integrated control allows the supplier to monitor the consumption of energy consumed. In case of consumption of larger volumes than specified in the contract, the supplier has the right to restrict the supply of electricity.

With the help of AMR, the supplier is able to track the lines for workload during the hours of greatest energy consumption. The reliability of the operation of the matrix, which is to control the power, voltage, frequency of current, allows not only protect the subscriber’s equipment in the event of an accident, but also prevent the illegal consumption of foreign resources.

Matrix Scope

Devices ASKUE can be used by private individuals for installation in country houses, city apartments, offices, as well as in manufacturing, government facilities and the distribution networks themselves. The possibility of creating an automated system eliminates the need for a set of controllers and creates protection against the influence of extraneous factors on the process of metering and supplying electricity.

Matrix design

The main components of the structure are:

  • Electricity metering devices in the system of automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumptionSingle phase meter. The purpose of this device is to measure the instantaneous power and energy consumed in single-phase alternating current circuits. Such matrices most often installed in apartment buildings and subscribers with low power consumption of electricity.
  • Three phase meter. This ASKUE system Subscribers of country houses and apartments are most often chosen, and they are also used by owners of premises with a small power consumption rate. The collected information of this type of meter is transmitted to the central office using the built-in modem. This matrix is ​​set for subscribers with a three-phase AC circuit.
  • For accounting of energy consumption, counting the total time of work and over load control in the network, as well as data archiving in the AMR system, the installation of load controllers is provided. These devices are engaged in self-diagnosis and archiving of events.
  • An important component of the metering system is the router. is he intended for data exchange between the central control and electricity metering devices and other equipment. Information is exchanged via the Internet, GSM and GPRS channels.

Another important advantage of AMR is the production of devices with a different price range. AMR can be purchased from 4800 to 20,000 rubles, which allows consumers to choose the device according to their budget. The high quality of the matrix is ​​confirmed by people who installed the metering system at home. According to some reviews, it is clear that the matrix corresponds to high quality and makes life much easier.

According to representatives of Aventis Group LLP, ASCMEs do an excellent job with data collection. The failure of the instruments used today is less than one percent. Timely deliveries from the manufacturer. If necessary, the company employees provide high-quality and operational technical support. Mounting works are performed without additional training of employeesthat once again confirms the ease of installation.

Aventis Group LLP

According to the chairman of SNT “New Cheryomushki”, after the installation of AMR, there was a great opportunity to control every consumer. With matrix it became much easier to systematize and process the data, and the presence of displays allows you to visually see everything. A great convenience is the system of remote disconnection of unscrupulous consumers. Such a shutdown plays an important function in the event of an emergency on the line, which helps to avoid casualties.

SNT "New Cheryomushki"

According to the chairman of SNT “OLIS”, after the installation of ASCME, the theft of electricity ceased. Such an action has become simply impossible. And it became much easier and simpler to collect payment, disconnect debtors and keep records of energy. I would like to express special thanks to “The Matrix” for prompt technical support.

Chairman SNT "OLIS"