How to fill out a certificateWorking with electrical products requires a certain knowledge and skills from the master. Improper handling of such devices or poor-quality repairs can cause serious injury or significant damage. Therefore, in order to avoid such troubles, every electrician must undergo appropriate training to obtain a certificate of electrical safety.


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Electrical Safety Tolerance Groups

First of all it is worth mentioning that there is multiple access levels, on the basis of which an appropriate certificate of electrical safety is issued:

  • Group I (specialists who do not have in-depth knowledge of electrical safety). This group includes people with a minimum of safety knowledge when working with electrical equipment. They are prohibited from working with high voltage or repairing a faulty device.
  • Group II (electricians, electricians, electric welders and electricians). People who have a minimal understanding of the device and the operation of electrical appliances. In addition, they are trained to provide first aid for electric shock.
  • Group III (engineers, electrical fitters, electricians, maintenance personnel, electricians, technician assistants). Experts with extensive knowledge in the field of electrical engineering. Have a certificate for working with high voltage (up to 1000 V).
  • Group IV (specialists in safety, engineers, electrical fitters, electricians, foremen on shop electrical installations). These include specialists with secondary special education on electrical equipment maintenance.
  • Group V (technicians, electrical fitters, electricians, engineers). The highest category. People with highly specialized education concern.

Each group must have relevant knowledge and have a certificate of electrical safety, which specifies the qualification of a specialist.

Obtaining a certificate of electrical safety

LicensingSince August 4, 2014 new rules for certification and retraining of electrical personnel entered into force. According to the new requirements, specialists, regardless of the length of service, are required to undergo certification. In addition, the document specifies the conditions for confirming qualifications (renewal of the certificate). According to them, employees are required to undergo re-certification every 6 months. At the same time, an employee of Rostechnadzor is required to attend the commission.

To obtain an official certificate on electrical safety will require:

  • Passport.
  • Application for training.
  • Medical certificate of admission to work with electrical products.
  • Extract from previous recertification (if available).

The standard course is about 2 weeks. The term of training for advanced training is somewhat higher - 4-5 weeks. After passing certification, an employee is issued a certificate of electrical safety.

It is also worth noting that in order to receive this document it is not necessary to undergo training every 6 months. This certificate you can buy. True, you will have to pay for such a service (the exact amount depends on the electrical safety group). Nevertheless, this approach is popular among experienced craftsmen who do not want to waste time on passing the next certification.

Sample fill

Rules for filling in the certificateAccording to Appendix No. 2, approved by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Labor from 2001, requirements are established regarding the size, appearance, and content in the certificate. So, the front side should be red with the inscription "Identity." The very certificate of electrical safety consists of 2 pages, each of which has a certain markup.

First page

Intended for employee information, as well as the date of issuance of the document on electrical safety. It has the following form:

  • Certificate No - the document number is indicated (for example, 71 / A).
  • Organization is the name of the organization in which the employee works.
  • Full name - surname, name and patronymic of the employee.
  • Profession - the position occupied by the employee at the moment.
  • Allowed for servicing of equipment by voltage - indicates the maximum voltage of electrical devices, with which the master can work (for example, up to 1000 V).
  • In quality - a structural unit of the organization (for example, operational and repair personnel).
  • Date of issue - the day, month and year of issue of the document.
  • M. P. - The place of printing certification organization.
  • Employer - name and signature of the responsible for electrical facilities.

Second page

The next (and final) page indicates the category of electrical safety, as well as the date and evaluation of the test:

date Reason for checking Electrical Safety Group Evaluation Next certification date Chairman Signature
01.07. 2014 the next III (third) - up to 1000 V satisfied 01.02.2015
01.02. 2015 the next III (third) - up to 1000 V choir 01.07.2015

The electrical safety certificate is the most important document of any master working with electrical equipment. It is the presence of this document allows you to maintain and repair complex electrical devices. But, most importantly, the specialist is familiar with safety technology.

Video: Electrical Safety Certificate