Switching principleWhen a person finds himself in a room in which the level of illumination brings discomfort, he tries to turn on the light. To do this, there is a special device called a switch. Many of us associate it with a device that does not deserve special attention. However, if you get acquainted with the switch closer, it turns out that he has his secrets.

Further you will be able to get acquainted with the important features concerning switches of different types, and also scope of their application. Also thanks to this article you will get an idea of ​​how they are connected. After reviewing the material presented, you can easily install the switch in any room. However, it is imperative to take precautions to avoid unpleasant situations.


  • 1 What are the switches?
  • 2 Straight through switch
    • 2.1 Scope of switches through passage
    • 2.2 Circuit breaker: wiring diagram
  • 3 Two-gang switch
  • 4 Two-button switch: wiring diagram
  • 5 Conclusion
    • 5.1 Video: Legrand keyboard switch

What are the switches?

There are many signs on the basis of which classify switches:

  • functionality;
  • design;
  • installation method, etc.

A mandatory requirement that this device must satisfy is to use it for creating high-impact material of high quality, which should be distinguished by the presence of a smooth surface. For the installation of switches it is recommended to choose such places in which they will be easy to reach. Such devices are designed for operation in the chains of hidden and open wiring.

Today, a lot is represented in the sale of switches that have various design and connection scheme. The largest representation have devices made in the classic version. At the same time, you can find models that make it possible to give the interior an unusual look.

Due to the wide variety in terms of color solutions of switches, any consumer can choose for yourself a device that will be in perfect harmony with furniture, wallpaper and other objects interior. A special group consists of switches equipped with decorative interchangeable panels. The consumer will be able to appreciate all the benefits immediately after the switch is installed. It is on completion of the installation work, performed according to the scheme, the switch can be equipped with various plates.

It is customary to select the following types of switches:

  • ordinary;
  • checkpoints;
  • single;
  • double;
  • triple.

We will pay attention to the through switches, which are designed for connection one light group from two or more places.

Straight through switch

Two-gang switchAny electrician knows that conventional switches work on the principle of interrupting the current circuit. Transition models differ from them in this regard, since they are equipped with three contacts that allow switching the device. In turn, the double pass-through switch has 6 such contacts.

Among the advantages that have transitional switches, the main thing is that with their help you can turn off and turn on the light from different places.

Scope of switches through passage

Modern feedthrough switches are becoming common in several areas:

  • The stairs. A prerequisite for them is that the switches must be installed on the first and second floor. This will give the opportunity to turn on the light on one of the floors, after which, when a person rises or descends, he will be able to turn off the light using another pass-through switch.
  • Sleeping rooms. In these rooms, switches of this type are installed at the entrance to the room and next to the bed. This option provides a lot of convenience, because a person does not have to get out of bed and go to the entrance to turn off or turn on the light.
  • Corridors. Pass-through switches for corridors that are longer, are particularly convenient because they can be installed at the very beginning and at the end.
  • Cottages. Here the advantage of using transitional switches is that the owner has the opportunity to provide lighting for the yard and paths.

Circuit breaker: wiring diagram

How to connect the switchIf we consider the principle of operation of the pass switch, then this is similar to the switching of arrows railway tracks, as they begin to work regardless of the position translated. The fact is that it is used here. switching from one line to another.

If we consider in more detail the wiring diagram of the connection switch, it is as follows. There are two switches, where one phase is supplied, the other is transferred to the luminaire, the connection between them is provided by a special wire or cable. However, most often they are left disconnected, since the variant with the junction box is used here, in where they are placed, at the same time from each switch is allocated three wires, of which two are connected to each a friend.

There are cases when more wires can be connected to the transition switches, but the wiring diagram remains the same. True, there will still be some differences, consisting in the fact that the first two cables will provide only one input contact and two output. Increasing the number of cables, the owner will be faced with the need to increase the number of input and output contacts, which will have to be increased to two. Such a solution will allow you to create a cross-connection of two lines.

Two-gang switch

Connection of the circuit breakerAfter reviewing the wiring diagram of this device, it is time to pay attention to the common type of transition switch - double.

Most often, such devices are installed in areas where it is necessary to provide separate inclusionsold from different locations for two lines of illumination. If a corridor or a ladder acts as such zones, then here you can confine yourself to a single pass-through switch, the connection scheme for which will be similar.

The use of dual devices is simplified due to the presence of arrow keys on the keys: with their using, you can easily determine the direction of the keys, when translated into which you can turn on or off lighting.

The usual two-button switch is a switch the result of the symbiosis of single-key devices. Being located in a single case, they function by throwing contacts.

Two-button switch: wiring diagram

The principle of connecting the switchThe peculiarity of the legrand double key entry devices is the presence of two independent groups of contacts. If you press on the keys, they switch from the top lines to the bottom, and the first do not have the final output, and the second are connected to another similar switch.

Thus, we found out that these transitional devices of Legrands have 2 groups of contacts - right and left. Knowing this, it is possible to more easily understand how the connection of a two-keyboard pass-through device is performed.

According to the diagram, on the second contact of the right switch fed phasecoming out of the junction box at home. Contacts within this group are interconnected by means of a jumper, the same ones that belong to the left group provide current supply to two independent luminaires. The important point here is that these two contacts should not interact with each other. Further, these four cross contacts must be connected to each other as a pair.


Despite the fact that the two-keyboard switch legrand is a fairly simple device, its wiring diagram has its own characteristics. It should be considered when installing to avoid problems in the process of using the switch. Every qualified electrician is familiar with all these nuances, therefore, by entrusting him with this work, you save yourself from unnecessary problems.

However, if you possess at least minimal knowledge in the field of electrics, you can figure out for yourself how to connect the legrand pass key switch.

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