Charger for devices used by us every day. However, at any time you can face the situation when the cord from it came into disrepair. Today we will figure out how to fix the wire from charging.


  • 1 Causes of cord breakage from the charger
  • 2 Repair the charger from the phone
  • 3 How to fix the wire from charging the laptop

Causes of cord breakage from the charger

Breaks and creases on the charger cable may appear due to improper or careless use. The main reason for poor contact is repeated bending of the cord in one place or excessive pressure on it.

Repair the charger from the phone


The tool can be used to clean the damaged wire.

Repair of wires from the chargers is carried out in several steps:

  1. First you need to find the place of damage to the cable. If external signs are missing, it will be difficult to do. Slowly test the cable, slightly bending it: in the place of the break, the resistance to bending will be noticeably less.
  2. Use a wire cutter to remove the damaged part of the wire.
  3. If you intend to use heat shrinkage for insulation, put it on the wire immediately; you will not be able to do it in the end.
    Heat shrink

    Irreplaceable thing when fixing wires

  4. Using a clerical knife or scalpel, carefully clean the outer insulation. The veins in the wire from the phone are quite thin, it is easy to damage them with a wrong movement. The wires themselves, by the way, do not need to be cleaned.
    Internal wire arrangement

    Breakage of the cord means damage to the cores inside

  5. Before soldering, each of the wires must be tinned. To do this, dip the soldering iron first into the rosin, then into the solder and drive along the core until its tip turns silver.
    Soldered iron cords

    To wire strands easily connected, they need to cheat

  6. Soldering internal wires need to be in colors: blue - with blue, red - with red and so on. Connect two consumed tips of wires of the same color and drip the flux onto them with a pipette.
    Wire connection with soldering iron

    It is necessary to work with a soldering iron very carefully, observing safety precautions.

  7. Heat the entire soldered area evenly with a soldering iron. Flux and solder will react, then tightly connect the wires.
  8. Cut a small piece of electrical tape and close the welded core. Ensure that the insulation is compact.
  9. When the wire is completely soldered, move the heat shrinkage, which should already be put on wire and brief flashes with a cigarette lighter; heat it until it is firmly fixed to surface.
    Heat shrink

    There are several types of heat shrinkable tubes, some of which can be reduced by 6 times

Electrical tape can be used instead of heat shrinkage, but this method is less practical and durable.

How to fix the wire from charging the laptop

The charging cable from the laptop is thicker and rougher than the telephone. Repair it a little easier.

  1. Find the damaged place. If the break is internal, you have to be guided by touch.
    Broken laptop charging cable

    Most often, the cord from the laptop is damaged due to careless handling.

  2. Remove the damaged area.
  3. Carefully strip both sides of the cut wire. Be careful.
  4. Bend the veins, freeing the central channel.
    Repairing a wire from a laptop charger

    Fixing such a cord is easier than regular wire.

  5. From the last you need to remove only a millimeter of insulation.
  6. In the manner described above, first solder the central core and cover it with tape.
    Spike broken contacts

    In addition to the soldering iron, rosin and solder are also used for this procedure.

  7. Twist and strip the screen on each side. Then solder it over the center insulation. Warning: do not melt the tape, otherwise a short circuit will occur during operation.
    Welded veins

    So ideally the wire should look like after repair

  8. Place repair repair shrink or tape. The charger is ready for use.
    Heat shrinkable tubing on damaged wire

    Heat shrink must be worn before cord connection

The described methods will be effective if a wire break occurs at some distance from the connector. In the case when the charging cord is damaged at the very edge, it cannot be saved at home: modern connectors do not understand. In this case, it is better to replace the cable with a new one or contact a service center.