Electrical safety in groupsAt any enterprise, they always ensure that electrical safety is at the proper level. This is one of the obligatory events, to which one pays attention and devotes quite a lot of time. This allows you to protect workers from the dangerous and harmful effects of electrical current. Of course, all enterprises usually develop their own instructions, where all the questions that arise about electrical safety are pronounced.

Consequently, working professions that require electricity access for work are determined directly by the managers of the enterprise. This, of course, includes the fourth group, which is assigned to workers - electricians. These professionals have to maintain electrical installationswhose voltage is up to and above a thousand volts.

But for every worker who deals with electricity, of course, he has his own requirements. He is obliged to pass not only a briefing, but also must pass an exam or test, after which he will receive a special certificate, where he will be his electrical safety qualification group is written, and this will determine the level of work that he will need to execute.


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  • 3 Staff skills with group number four admission
  • 4 What staff with 4 qualification groups should know
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Enterprise Electrical Safety Groups

Exists five qualification groups on electrical safety of the enterprise.

  1. Electrical Safety GroupsThe first qualification group refers to employees who use electric tools without the need for training (printers, vacuum cleaners, etc.). It is assigned to an employee of an enterprise who holds the position of a person responsible for the organization’s electric economy.
  2. The second qualification group is related to electrical personnel working with electrical equipment driven, as well as electricians and employees who have delayed the extension of the qualification group by more than six months. This qualification is given only by a special commission.
  3. The third qualification group relates to electrical personnel who have the right to maintain electrical installations with voltages up to one thousand volts.
  4. The fourth qualification group relates to electrical personnel who have the right to serve electrical installations with voltage up to and above a thousand volts, as well as operating personnel for training young people employees. This group is needed by the engineering and technical staff in order to be appointed to a position responsible for the electrical management of the organization.
  5. The fifth qualification group refers to employees who are responsible for electrical farm, and engineering and technical personnel serving electrical installations with voltage up to and above a thousand volt.

Electrical safety tolerance

Admission is a kind of certification that makes it clear to the verifier that the worker is trained in something and has the appropriate knowledge and qualifications. is he gives a kind of guarantee, as if reports that it is possible to entrust that, to which there is an admission.

Tolerances are different in different areas of work. Consider electrical safety. He has five groups. To assign the fourth group for maintenance of electrical equipment to and above 1000 volts, knowledge requirements are increasing, and now you need to be able to read diagrams, have organizational skills and experience in briefing, know the rules of fire safety and be fully aware of how dangerous work is electrical installations.

It should be noted that if you come with your document to another organization, then there you will still need to start all the way over from the beginning. The admission is issued by the organization to work only in the territory of its production, in another production it will be invalid.

We conclude that this document is permission to do the work, and the larger the group for work, the more responsibility is placed on you both for yourself and for those around you at work people.

Staff skills with group number four admission

What skills should professionals have?When taking exams on the theoretical aspects of professional subjects help prepare test items. A real exam may also include a test part, but an interview with the commission is mandatory for all persons taking the exam.

The control of electrical safety skills consists in conducting an examination test for the qualification group for which it was trained. After passing the exam in the form of an electrical safety test, personnel are allowed to conduct briefings and draw up orders.

Instructs on issues of electrical safety specialist who has the first group (refers to electrical personnel). The maintenance of electrical installations up to and above 1000 volts is permitted to persons with group number four.

Personnel with a fourth group who will serve electrical equipment up to and above 1000 volts should meet the following requirements:

  1. The amount of knowledge vocational school or college.
  2. A clear idea of ​​the level of danger of work in electrical installations to and above 1000 volts.
  3. Knowledge of fire safety rules and the use of electrical equipment at the level required for a particular position.
  4. Skills of reading equipment diagrams, knowledge of what organizational and technical activities to ensure the safety of work (when passing the exam for group number three it can also to ask).
  5. Skills instructing staff, knowledge to implement safe work, monitor the conduct of work with electricity.
  6. The ability to provide first aid if a person is struck by electric current.
  7. Ability to teach staff safety and first aid skills.

What staff with 4 qualification groups should know

Staff and knowledge of the fourth security groupIf an employee has a fourth qualification group, then he not only performs his official duties with electrical equipment, but also has the right train young employees.

It is assigned to personnel engaged in the maintenance and repair of equipment (senior craftsmen and employees with extensive experience work); from the administrative staff is assigned mainly to those who hold the post responsible for electrical household

And they also assign an engineering and technical officer holding the post responsible for the electrical economy, if he was appointed to this position by the order of the head. This appointment involves the maintenance of relevant documentation and conducting briefings, monitoring the health of the equipment.

The assignment of the fourth qualification group takes place after three months after assignment of the third qualification category. To improve the qualification from the third to the fourth, or to extend it, the employee must be sent to study for a period of one month. After graduation, it is necessary to pass an examination test in the Russian technical supervision, and then proceed to perform their official duties.

The result of the examination test fits into the employee's certificate and the electrical safety journal of the enterprise from which he studied.

A representative of the fourth qualification category in electrical safety, up to and above a thousand volts, works independently with electrical equipment, but he does not have the right to train young employees. He will receive this opportunity only after confirmation of the fifth qualification category in electrical safety before and above one thousand volts.

Fourth qualification group extended annually. And if it is overdue by more than six months, then it will again have to be certified from the second qualifying category.

Inspection procedure

To test the electrical safety knowledge of the staff members who have the fourth group, a special commission is created. It must include at least three officials.

The composition of the Commission on electrical safety:

  1. How to checkThe chairman of the commission (this responsibility is usually performed by the director of the institution or the chief engineer).
  2. The representative of the union.
  3. Representative of the department of labor protection.
  4. State inspector of the energy supervision department.

This commission checks the competence of workers who are responsible for electrical facilities, their deputies, as well as an occupational safety engineer who exercises control over electrical facilities. The knowledge of other workers who have access to electrical installations with a voltage of up to and more than 1000 volts is checked by several specially organized commissions. Their composition is approved by the head responsible for electrical facilities.

Knowledge control carried out personally, usually in the form of a test. The results of the check fit into the journal and are certified by the signatures of the members of the commission. A successful test is completed by issuing documents certifying the right of each employee to operate electrical installations that meet 4 categories.


How to execute documents for professional developmentVery often in our time try purchase the necessary document on electrical safety, which would allow them to work on equipment up to and above 1000 volts. But here is the way to obtain such a document on electrical equipment to and above 1000 volts, each specialist chooses for himself.

It is easier for someone to buy such a document, but then the question arises: how will it work if it does not know anything in this area? When buying and not receiving such a document for work on electrical equipment up to and above 1000 volts, the future specialist does not receives no knowledge, which means that if it works on such a document, it will put everyone at risk surrounding

To get training and pass the normal exam to obtain a document for work with electrical equipment up to and above 1000 volts, it is necessary to begin to study those regulatory documents that relate specifically to this spheres. You can find questions for testing or lessons for learning and on the site OLIMPOKSwhich is considered an automated system.

All the necessary information about what you need to know how and what is issued to the fourth group on electrical safety, which allows you to work on electrical equipment up to and above 1000 volts are contained in the brochure of the Rules for the Design of Electrical Installations, which today is already presented in the seventh edition It was just designed for those workers who are going to work on equipment up to and above 1000 volts.

And the most important thing is that you should always remember those who decide to connect their lives with electrical equipment before and above 1000 volts: you should not play with electricity, this is a serious matter and jokes with it can lead to large tragedy.

Video: The fourth group of admission to electrical safety