We repair the pump with our own handsConsidering that the submersible vibratory pumps are a common technical device, in the process of their work there are also often malfunctions that can be caused by a variety of reasons. For example, the failure of such equipment may be due to a malfunction of the power magnet or winding, breakage of the thrust, valve breakthrough, breakage or short circuit. At the same time, these devices often have simple breakdowns, which every owner can handle.

However, even after a quality repair pump baby with his own hands, he often fails to return to the previous level of work. Sometimes it is possible to observe a completely sad situation when the device cannot perform its main function. For this reason, great attention should be paid to the process of assembling and setting up the pump. Perform these works correctly only if the owner has an idea about the design equipment and its operation principle. At the same time, it will not be out of place to know about the nuances of correct pump setting, to which this article is dedicated.


  • 1 The design and operation of the submersible pump
    • 1.1 Principle of operation
    • 1.2 Device
  • 2 The most common pump failures
  • 3 Fill the new compound
  • 4 Important points when assembling and setting up the pump
  • 5 Conclusion

The design and operation of the submersible pump

How to repair the pumpNot every owner knows how to identify the cause of a broken vibration pump and return it to working condition with their own hands. This task is noticeably easier if you find out how this device works, and what nodes it consists of. First of all, this information will be useful to those who have failed the vibration pump Brook or Aquarius for the first time and who do not understand how to start repairing submersible pumps with their own hands.

Principle of operation

Perform the basic function of the submersible pump Trickle or Aquarius by its ability to convert a variable current into mechanical vibrations transmitted by the armature and the piston. It is these nodes that provide water circulation. When the piston starts to vibrate, water flows under pressure from the hydraulic chamber to the outside, getting into the discharge port.


In the design of the pump can be distinguished following items:

  • housing;
  • electromagnet;
  • vibrator.

According to its device, the electromagnet has the form of a core with two coils on which a copper cable is wound. Obligatory operation when placing an electromagnet in the body of a pump installation is applying a compound to this element. This procedure allows you to securely fix the magnetic system in the case, as well as provide good insulation and heat removal.

The design of the vibrator can be divided into the following components:

  • anchor;
  • stock;
  • shock absorber.

The rod and the anchor form one common connection, where the first is fixed under pressure in the second. As for the shock absorber, it is located on the stock. In terms of its design, the stock has the form of a rubber membrane, which should be very well made, as certain characteristics of the Brook and Aquarius pump operation depend on it.

An important role is given to rubber diaphragmwhich is fixed stop. Thanks to it, the hydraulic and electric chambers of the pump are not in contact with each other, and in addition, support is provided for the rod, affecting its direction. At the top of the stem there is always a rubber piston.

Another element that is present in the equipment case is a rubber valve, whose task is to blocking the outlet openings during plant operation, however, when no water enters the pump, it allows it to exit out.

The most common pump failures

In order to cope with a malfunction that has arisen, one should know not only the cause of its occurrence, but also an effective method for its elimination.

Humming but not pumping

The most frequent problems with the pumpIt is possible to determine what caused this malfunction, if we recall the pump device: there are two nuts on the rod directly above the shock absorber. When their mount begins to weaken, the shock absorber changes its location, which, in turn, causes the vibrating pump to idle.

To eliminate this fault, the pump is disassembled, after which it is necessary to tighten the nuts as far as possible, and the top should be locked. A serious problem can be created by the clamping screws located on the cover: this will happen in the event that if they become rusty, because of which they will be removed without special tools is difficult. The Bulgarian can help with this business. When it is time to assemble, you can use clamping screws with a hexagonal head instead.

Also considered fault may be related with valve damageexhausted its resource. Favorable factors may be sand, which often gets inside the pump. For this reason, it is imperative to ensure that the rubber elements are not damaged. If the valve has undergone excessive wear or is seriously damaged, it will have to be replaced.

Along with this, a similar failure may be associated with a stem breakage. Therefore, it is useful to make sure that he was not injured. If we are late with this, then its extraction in the case of even getting a small deformation becomes almost impossible.

During the operation of the pump is often observed knocking out plugs charred cable.

How to use the pumpThe cause of such a failure can be called a burnt armature winding or cable failure. If the first reason occurs, the repair will not bring the desired result: besides the fact that the anchor can be rewound only if certain knowledge, the effect of this operation, which will require a lot of time and effort, will be weak, since there is no guarantee that it will arise again closure

In principle, you can make a new winding by rewinding the coils. However, this operation should be performed taking into account such parameters as the thickness and grade of the wire; the number of turns that will have to create for a particular voltage, and others. However, a simpler solution is the use of a new winding.

A cable tester is used to test the cable. It is not always possible to replace a faulty cable, since in the “Kid” the wire covers the compound. Only when the problem arose to add the length of the wire, you can resort to the method of twisting it.

Strong vibration and overheating of the pump

If the pump is overheated, it may be due to turning it on without water. In such cases, the likelihood of the device burning is high. The phenomenon of overheating leads to expansion of the body, gradually begins to move away from its surface. compound fill that covers the magnet on all sides, which usually ends with the appearance of vibration. If the pump works for a rather long time without water, the magnet can lose its entire charge. When the magnet and the piston begin to closely adjoin each other, the piston is no longer able to continue its work.

To eliminate this malfunction and to avoid its appearance in the future, it is very efficient to use the following method.

Household pump babyAt the first stage dismantling the pump, as a result, it is necessary to remove its electrical part. Next, you need to knock on the case to make sure that the magnet moves freely inside. It must be removed from the case, and why make it grooves about 2 millimeters deep, using a grinder for this purpose. Moreover, the grooves should be both along and across.

On the inside of the case they are made without adhering to the principle of symmetry. Then a sealant is applied to the surface of the housing, which can be replaced with glue, after which the magnet is pressed inside the pump. After waiting for the sealant to fix the magnet, you can proceed to the assembly of the pump.

It should be mentioned that on sale today are models of pumps in which suction openings located at the top of the case. Thanks to such an implementation, the problem of raising impurities from the bottom of the well is effectively solved, as well as cooling the pump, as a result of which the device can work without any risk and with an empty tank for 7 hours If the device has a thermal switch, then the pump will automatically turn off during power surges or overheating. However, such models are much more expensive than conventional pumps.

Low pressure, the pump does not pump well

The most common cause of such a breakdown is a small gap in the vibrator. If the inspection indicates that the valve is not damaged, the nuts are not attached to the stem, and there is no breakage of the traction, then to eliminate the malfunction it is enough to put additional vibrator on washers. Such a solution will help increase the gap, which will lead to an increase in pressure and, accordingly, the pump stroke. Keep in mind that when conducting such an operation, the device must always be adjusted and checked - the required number of washers can be calculated only by the results of the pump operation.

Fill the new compound

Among all the faults encountered by the owners of the “Kid” pumps, “Aquarius” one can often observe the detachment of the epoxy compound from the case. The main reason for this is unbalanced expansion Aluminum body plastic compound in those moments when the heating elements of the equipment.

  1. We repair the pump with our own handsPrior to repair, remove the pump from the well or well and disconnect it from the network.
  2. We begin the analysis of equipment. Remember that most often as fasteners, fixing the working units of the pump, bolts act.
  3. Take a small hammer and apply weak blows to the body. Thus, we need to find out in what places the compound has departed. You can understand this by the presence of a sonorous sound.
  4. Find the node with compound and pull it out.
  5. With the help of the grinder, you need to make notches on the aluminum case from the inside, which should resemble a grid. A similar operation is performed with the node, which is processed by the compound. It is very important that the grooves being created do not exceed 2 millimeters in depth.
  6. Next, you will need a sealant, which should cover the inner side of the case and the node itself with the compound. The most suitable means for performing such an operation is a compound designed to join glass surfaces.
  7. We take the node with the compound and return it to the pump body "Aquarius" - this can be done only by creating a pressure of about 300 kilograms.
  8. When the sealant grabs, we begin to assemble the pump in reverse order.

Important points when assembling and setting up the pump

How to assemble and adjust the pumpTo find the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it, you need to properly assemble the pump, configure and test it. To do everything correctly, you need to be very careful and not to allow inaccuracies when performing operations. At the initial stage of assembly, you should make sure that the gap between the piston and the magnetic system of the pump is sufficient - its thickness should be about 4-5 millimeters.

Next, you must ensure that the valve is not damaged. To do this, we begin to blow in the direction of the water inlet - all the air must pass freely through the valve. Inspection should be subjected to the piston, making sure its integrity, elasticity and no deformation.

Next you need find out the size of the gap between the body and the valve, which is located close to the suction holes. Ideally, if the size of the gap is 0.6-0.8 millimeters. If everything is in order with a gap, then it will effectively perform its main function - to ensure free baking of water when the pump is in the off state.

During assembly of the hull, it is necessary to ensure that the symmetrical elements retain their size. To do this, the hole to ensure the removal of water in the rubber gasket must be combined with the hole, which is located in the upper part of the housing.


Although the “Kid” pump is technically complex, it’s still can be repaired on their own. The main thing - you need to know what elements of the pump play a key role in its work and how to behave when any faults occur. Observing the above-described pump assembly technology upon completion of the repair, you can be sure that this equipment will continue to effectively cope with its main task.