Economical and reliable LED lamps today almost completely replaced the outdated light sources. One more indisputable advantage is their maintainability. So, in case of failure of the power board, breakdown of one or several LEDs or burning out of thermal paste, you can easily restore the lamp. Let's talk about how to disassemble the E27 LED lamp for diagnostics and repair.

Tools and materials

Disassembling an LED lamp is not difficult - it is difficult to do this without damaging the casing and internal components. If you work carefully, you can get by with a minimum of tools that you will surely find in every home. You will need:

  • blunt knife or thin metal plate;
  • small cross screwdriver;
  • scissors or side cutters;
  • pencil or marker;
  • soldering iron (optional).

If you plan to check the integrity and technical condition of electrical circuits and components, prepare a multimeter. Work better with thin gloves. Firstly, they will prevent the lamp from slipping in hands, and secondly - they will prevent you from being cut by shards of glass or plastic in case of flask destruction.

The order of work

Remember that the LED lamp is an electronic device that is sensitive to shocks and drops. Disassemble it carefully, take your time and clearly follow this sequence:

  1. Insert the tip of the knife or metal plate into the gap between the diffuser bulb and the lamp body. Pry the flask, move a few millimeters around the circle and repeat the action. This will remove the adhesive layer and loosen the latches holding the diffuser.
  2. While holding the lamp by the body (not by the base), gently tilt the flask from side to side, allowing it to free itself from the latches. Then remove by pulling up.
  3. Remove the screws that secure the LED board to the radiator. Cut or solder the wires from the board, marking the points of their attachment. Pry the board with a knife to remove the thermal paste, then remove it.
  4. Remove the LED cooling radiator. If it is fastened with screws, unscrew them beforehand. Under the radiator is usually located power board.
  5. Cut or solder at the base of the power board wires that attach it to the base, mark the contact points. Take out the fee.
  6. If necessary, detach the base from the base of the body using the same procedure as the flask.

Now the lamp is completely disassembled. The assembly is carried out in the reverse order, soldering the dismantled wires and updating the layers of thermal paste. Mounting the LED board on the old thermal grease significantly reduces the lamp life.

We hope our article was interesting and informative. If you have not yet decided to disassemble the LED lamp - get down to business!