Many devices around us require an autonomous source of electrical current for their work. But these batteries have a limited charge and often fail at the wrong time.


  • 1 Features of alkaline batteries
  • 2 Can I recharge them
  • 3 How to prolong battery life

Features of alkaline batteries

Batteries, that is, batteries, have several key parameters, including:

  • output voltage;
  • capacity;
  • self-discharge duration;
  • cost
Duracell batteries

The primacy in the production of alkaline batteries belongs to the company Duracell

Currently, the most common type of batteries are alkaline or alkaline. The electrolyte in them is a concentrated alkaline solution. The advantages of such batteries are high storage time, large capacity, value for money.

Can I recharge them

According to official instructions, alkaline batteries are not suitable for recharging. Information about this is indicated on the packaging, indicated by either an icon or an inscription.

Sometimes there are tips to restore the performance of disposable batteries by connecting them to the charger. It is proposed to perform this operation several times at intervals, heating the battery to no more than 50 ° C. After increasing the voltage of the battery it is recommended to cool it. But this method has no guarantees and can lead to fire.

How to prolong battery life

old batteries

Despite the attempts of some craftsmen to recharge batteries, their device does not allow to reverse chemical processes, as it happens with batteries.

If it is not possible to replace the battery with a new one, then there are several ways, in varying degrees unsafe, to extend the battery life:

  • Short-term fever. For example, dip the battery in hot water for half a minute. Do not heat it in an open fire.
  • Deformation of the body. By compressing the external battery capsule, a short-term charge boost can be achieved. Danger occurs when the integrity of the hull and the flow of caustic solution. Do not perform this operation with your teeth.

Disposable alkaline batteries are difficult to "resuscitate", re-charging them is accompanied by the risk of burns from spilled electrolyte. Therefore, it is easier to buy new batteries.