How to choose a trimmerCaring for lawn and dacha site involves the regular mowing of grass. In most cases, using a scythe or a regular lawn mower for these purposes is inconvenient, so you should give preference to the gasoline or electric trimmer. Such a device helps to perform mowing on a flat platform, as well as inside the flowerbeds and under large bushes.


  • 1 What you need to know about the electric trimmer?
  • 2 Petrol or electric trimmer?
  • 3 How to choose an electric trimmer?
  • 4 Operation of electric trimmers
    • 4.1 Operation errors

What you need to know about the electric trimmer?

The trimmer was created at the end of the 20th century in Texas. Since then, various modifications have been developed with additional features. Because of this diversity, choosing a trimmer can be difficult.

In essence, such a tool is replacing the classic lawn mower. Without a trimmer can not do in the territory, where there are many obstacles. We are talking about flower beds, benches and various elements of landscape design. Thanks to the competent use of trimmer, it will be possible to mow, and also to shape the bushes and shorten thin branches of trees.

The principle of operation is simple: when starting the engine, the cutting element begins to move. As soon as it comes into contact with the plant, pruning occurs. This cutting part is located at the end of the tube. Due to the simplicity of its design, the device is compact and convenient.

Petrol or electric trimmer?

Petrol or electric trimmerIf you cannot decide which trimmer to choose, consider the fact that the equipment with a gasoline engine no need to plug in, which means that it will be possible to move around the whole area without hindrance. Also, these devices are quite powerful. Accordingly, with their help it will be possible to eliminate tough weed from the site. Moreover, the gas trimmer will be the best way to harvest hay for animals.

The disadvantages of this equipment include:

  • high cost;
  • the need for regular refueling;
  • noise that occurs during operation;
  • exhaust gas formation.

Electric trimmer has no such flaws. In fact, it is a compact device that does not need fuel and works almost silently. However, unlike the gasoline counterpart, the electric trimmer has a small capacity, which means it will not be possible to cut off thick branches. The product, designed for 200 W, is suitable only for lawn mowing. For more serious tasks will require power 1000–1400 W.

The electric trimmer has a cable to connect to the network. Therefore, when mowing the lawn sometimes have to use an extension cord. Some models have a rechargeable battery. She will allow to perform works within half an hour while gasoline trimmers will work much longer. Accordingly, in the presence of a small area, you can safely choose electrical equipment.

How to choose an electric trimmer?

A large number of grass clippers are on sale. It differs not only in size, quality of the cutting element and power, but also other factors that need to be to consider when buying.

  • The important point is the amount of work and maximum permissible loads. It is best to choose these indicators with a margin. So, you will be able to eliminate the grass and thickets from the site even in neglected cases. If it is a varietal lawn, then a simple trimmer that works on battery power is sufficient.
  • When buying an electric grass trimmer, you should always take into account the area of ​​the plot. This will allow you to pick up a product with the appropriate cable length.
  • In order for the equipment to cope with the high grass, you should pay attention to the additional equipment, since the simplest models will not remove such thickets.
  • Before buying, be sure to take the equipment in hand. This will help you understand whether it will be convenient for you to cut grass.

Operation of electric trimmers

How to choose a trimmerIt is very important not only to choose the right trimmer, but also to learn how to use it correctly. In the process of work is always necessary observe safety. These are protective gloves and goggles.

Experts remind that it is possible to use electrical equipment only under the condition of a stable voltage, because due to possible surges the life of the engine will be reduced.

Some people prefer to remove the protective cover. They believe that this will help increase the cutting area of ​​grass. In fact, this decision leads to serious injury. Moreover, an artificial increase in the length of the fishing line increases the load on the engine, as a result, the latter can overheat and burn.

In the process, you need to pay attention to the cycles. So, experts recommend using the device for 20 minutes, and then pause for 15–20 minutes. Due to such cycling, it is possible to avoid overheating of the engine. Naturally, it is better to look at the values ​​of cycles in the passport.

Although these trimmers have an electric motor, they may need seasonal lubrication. We are talking about models where there is a team bar and a cutting knife.

Operation errors

Even if you chose a really good trimmer, he can quickly fail when used improperly.

  • Errors when using trimmersA common failure is considered a malfunction of the cutting head. This happens with increased load or application in extreme conditions. Also, this may result in too much pressure on the head.
  • Inexperienced people often encounter electric motor combustion. Usually this is observed in models with a lower element arrangement. Also, failure to comply with the work cycles mentioned in the passport can lead to breakage.
  • Some users say that even good electric trimmers trigger buttons quickly burn. In fact, this is not a lack of equipment, but an incomplete pressing of a button.

Modern good trimmers make care for the dacha really simple and easy. The main purpose of such equipment is in cutting hard grass or lawns, as well as thin branches. At the same time it will be possible to carry out mowing even in remote areas of the garden.