Power Supply for LED StripToday led strip used almost everywhere. This can be interior design or car tuning, design of a country site, shop window or a restaurant hall. LED Strip Light It is a device in the form of a flexible printed circuit board onto which LEDs are attached by soldering. Installation is incredibly simple, it can be attached to almost any surface, for example, on a ladder or on a suspended ceiling. The power of the LED strip is 12 or 24 volts, the power comes from the network, so you need to purchase a power supply for the LED strips of 12 volts.


  • 1 What are the features of LEDs
  • 2 Transformers for LED strips
  • 3 Power supply selection for LED strips
    • 3.1 When choosing a power source, you should pay attention to a number of factors:
    • 3.2 Taking into account the characteristics of the transformers can be divided into two types:
  • 4 How to calculate the power of the transformer
  • 5 Transformer installation features
  • 6 What to look for when choosing
  • 7 How to choose a power supply LED strip
  • 8 How to connect the LED lamp

What are the features of LEDs

With the help of LED strips you can arrange any room, however, they can not work from the outlet, the voltage of which is 220 watts. If their to plug directly, they can just burn out. Therefore, for their work requires a transformer. Halogen lamps will work regardless of whether direct or alternating current in the network. LED strips fit only permanent.

That is why they need additional equipment - transformers, which give a constant current at the output, and reduce the voltage to 12 volts. In this case, the LED lights will have the optimum quality of light. In addition, you will need a stabilizer that eliminates periodic flashing.

Transformers for LED strips

Modern devices that are designed for LED equipment, divided into several types. Choose them based on a number of parameters. First of all, you need to decide on where the LEDs will be installed. Despite the fact that many transformers have a high degree of protection, they should not be installed in rooms where the humidity level is constantly high.

Power supply selection for LED strips

LED strips, which are sold in modern stores, have different parameters. Some of them are suitable for work from a network of 220 watts. But not all tapes can be connected to the outlet. Part of them require 12 or 24 volts. This is what transformers are needed for, which are suitable for 12 volt electronic tapes. This device allows you to provide the device with alternating current, which will extend its service life.

When choosing a power source, you should pay attention to a number of factors:

  • How to choose a power sourceQuality of waterproofing;
  • The voltage for which the device is designed;
  • Device power.

If you buy a tape with a power of 24 volts, then using a transformer rated for 12 V. will not work. Of great importance is the type of room in which it is planned to be installed. If a indoor air is dry, then you can use a transformer with a regular adapter. However, if the tape is installed on the street, then you should choose a device that has high-quality protection from moisture.

When purchasing a transformer, you should carefully study the instructions that are attached to it. It also indicates the installation scheme. If you choose a universal transformer, then this will allow you to adjust the brightness of the lighting.

Today you can pick up transformers that fully comply with the operating conditions.

  • If the LED strip will be installed on the street, then you need to choose devices that have a certain degree of protection.
  • Such transformers must comply with protection level IP 67;
  • The design allows you to prevent dust;
  • Withstand moisture;
  • The risk of short circuit is minimal;
  • Transformers have power from 1 to 800 W;
  • Properly selected device will provide optimal operating conditions.

Taking into account the characteristics of the transformers can be divided into two types:

  1. Transformer used for LED stripSealed Transformers have a maximum level of protection, they are not affected by moisture and dust. This type of equipment can be used indoors or outdoors.
  2. The peculiarity of untight LED transformers is that they also have short circuit protectionbut are only suitable for indoor use. The design of this type of devices includes a fan that provides cooling.

Before you purchase a power supply that is necessary for the operation of the LED strip, you need to read the instructions. It has the characteristics of the device. If you are buying a device that is designed for an apartment or a country house, then you should pay attention to LED pendants with a plastic or metal case. In case installation is planned on the street, the power supply case should be airtight and resistant to the effects of dust and moisture.

You can also highlight main types of transformers:

  • Sealed have power from 20 to 300 watts;
  • They can be in a metal case with or without a fan;
  • The budget includes transformers in plastic housing. Their power is minimal, they are suitable for short LED strips.

How to calculate the power of the transformer

In order to determine what kind of transformer power is needed, you need to carefully study the information on the package. The power of the tape is calculated based on its footage. Suppose that the length of the three coils is 15 meters. The power of the entire tape will be 9.6 watts per meter. A total of 15 meters of tape will consume 144 watts. Now need to multiply 144 by 1.3 (coefficient) and it turns out that in order for the tape to work, a minimum power of 187.2 watts is necessary.

Another important factor is that to determine the operating conditions, when installed in a room, an A -240 W -12 V transformer will be suitable. In the event that you plan to use the tape, for example, in landscape design, you will need at least three transformers with a power of about 75 watts. It may be brand A -75 W -12 V WP.

Transformer installation features

Connecting a transformer to electricityThe installation of the transformer is performed according to the block diagram, which is attached to the LED strips. As a rule, they are cut into groups in which there are three LEDs. The design includes current limiting resistor. However, in some cases in one area there may be 5-10 pieces.

The cutting place is indicated by contact groups on both sides. Connection is carried out in parallel groups. Where exactly the transformer will be installed does not matter. However, the polarity + and - is important. Please note that the power supply voltage should not be more than 12 volts.

Many make the mistake of using transformers designed for lamps halogen type. Despite the fact that they also lower the voltage to 12 volts, the difference between them is significant. The fact is that at the output they use alternating current, and for the operation of LED strips a constant is needed.

What to look for when choosing

Today there is huge selection of power sourcesthat are suitable for LED strips. An important criterion is which one is right for you.

  • The transformer must have a system that provides a smooth start. This will increase the life of the tape;
  • The device should not have a lower power rating than the power of the LED strip. It is worth taking care that the transformer had 20% of power in reserve;
  • Choose the installation location of the device so that, if necessary, it is easy to reach. If you install it in a confined space, it will heat up, causing it to break;
  • The degree of protection of the transformer is important;
  • As we have said, transformers can be sealed and unsealed, in accordance with this, the installation location is determined;
  • Sealed power supplies that have an IP 67 degree of protection can be installed in bathrooms, saunas, and outdoors. This degree of protection is sufficient to avoid the likelihood of short circuit, overload, overheating, and the device is not afraid of voltage drops in the network;
  • Unsealed power supplies are suitable for installation in dry and ventilated areas, with a degree of protection IP 20.

How to choose a power supply LED strip

How to connect LED stripIn order for the tape to work, it is powered by a power source that has a constant current of 12 volts. Exists several types of these devices:

  • Waterproof, which are of type IP 67;
  • Exposed, with a degree of protection, from the adverse effects of IP 20.

Their voltage can be from 12 to 24 volts. In order to determine which one is right for you, you should decide on the total tape capacity. Pay attention to the markings that are applied to the coil. On the power tape draw conclusions based on the number of diodes per meter.

Tape 3528 SMD LED mIt can have from 60 to 240 diodes per meter. The power of this device can be from 4.8 to 19.2 W / meter. If the length of the tape is 5 meters, then its operation will require a 24-volt transformer. The transformer must have a certain power margin.

How to connect the LED lamp

How to choose a transformerThe most popular are LEDs, which with markings MR 16, MR 11. These devices have high-quality lighting. Almost any power supply units that have a voltage of 12 volts are suitable for their operation. If you plan to use coil transformers, then there are no problems, however, since purchased an electronic coil device, then for that bright lighting, you need to perform some conditions.

The peculiarity of electronic transformers is that their work requires a certain load, which is not so easy to achieve. The fact is that the power of LEDs is small. We have to add additional lighting.

The most popular today are electronic type transformers. What brands like Bioledex, Relco are designed specifically for LED strips, they are suitable for use in different conditions and rooms.

Properly selected transformer ensures long life of LED strips. This is important if the tape is used when creating outdoor advertising. One of the important selection criteria is the quality of the device. This will avoid an unpleasant situation when the transformer suddenly fails and the tape goes out.

If a tape lengths less than 5 metersthen the connection is allowed by the serial method. In that case, if the tape has a greater length, then wiring is required. In addition, make a branch from the cable. The maximum current conductivity of the tracks of the device is a maximum of 2 A, so this method of installation is preferable.

In the event that the power source is at a great distance from the tape, the output voltage may drop. Therefore, the wires are selected so that they are the same in length. This may be, for example, "PVA", which has a cross section of 0.75 to 2.5 mm2.

Before installation measure stress experimentallyTo do this, connect the elements of the electrical circuit. This should not be neglected. Some tapes may have different voltages, which ultimately will affect the brightness. In that case, if the whole coil is connected, then the tape is fed from two ends, this will ensure uniform diode glow.

So, the quality of the LED strip, as well as its lifespan, depends on many factors. First of all from the choice of a special transformer.