Making a metal detector do it yourselfToday, there are a large number of ways to make a metal detector at home completely independently, without the help of specialists. Some of them require certain knowledge of physics, as well as skills in working with electrical and radio devices. Others do not require any special skills, and any newcomer will be able to independently assemble a metal detector at home.


  • 1 How to make a metal detector from the disks
    • 1.1 Sequencing
  • 2 Metal detector from the radio and calculator
    • 2.1 Assembly procedure

How to make a metal detector from the disks

It's easy enough to do a metal detector at home with your own hands. using two discs - CD and DVD. This method is very simple and does not require any complex components. All that is needed for this is:

  • CD and DVD disc. It is advisable to take bilateral, then the sensitivity of the metal detector will be much higher.
  • Any calculator you have at hand, you can take the simplest and cheapest
  • headphones
  • battery size "crown"
  • adhesive and insulating tape


  • How to make a metal detectorAt the headphones, you need to cut off the plug, and then strip both wires from insulation by about 10 centimeters.
  • Each wire is divided by two. Thus, a total of four wires or two pairs of wires is obtained.
  • Now, one wire of the pair should be fixed with glue on the disk; if the disk is one-sided, the wire should be glued to the writing side.
  • Now the wires should be fixed on the disc with tape. Glue tape should be on the part of the wire in insulation, the glue and the wire in it should not be touched.
  • The remaining wires must be connected to the battery, plus and minus, respectively. The next step is to carefully isolate the exposed wires.
  • We take a CD disk and to its surface (on which the wire is fixed) reliably fasten with an insulating tape a previously included calculator.
  • A DVD disc is placed on top of the calculator, after which the whole structure is carefully wrapped with tape for durability.
  • With the help of tape fix the "Crone" on the surface of a DVD disc.

Metal detector ready you can start testing it. For ease of use, a convenient grip can be attached to the metal detector. To search for coins and metal in the ground, the power of such a device will not be enough, but in the house it can always be useful. For example, to search for hidden wiring, walled up a wall or to find a metal profile under a sheet of drywall.

Metal detector from the radio and calculator

In order to make such a metal detector, need the following things:

  1. Empty CD case
  2. The easiest and cheapest calculator
  3. Radio, working on "AM" frequency
  4. Double-sided tape or electrical tape
  5. Nails
  6. Wooden Mop Stick

Assembly procedure

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  • Homemade metal detector On the inside of the box from under the CD firmly secured with a double-sided tape radio backside. If there is no tape, you can use electrical tape or adhesive tape.
  • The included calculator is attached to the second inner side of the box in the same exact way.
  • Now you need to turn on the radio, after making sure that it is tuned to the AM band. Choose the highest frequency in this range. There should be no radio stations on it, otherwise the detector will not work. If the highest frequency is still occupied, select the closest high frequency to it and ensure that the radio station does not jam the broadcast, i.e. there was only noise and no other sounds.
  • Now we make a pen with our own hands. We fasten a short wooden stick from the mop in the middle of the box. To do this, the knife must be made in the lid of the box suitable hole. We slip the stick and fix it with nails on both sides so that they do not allow the stick to come out of the hole.
  • Now you need to configure the metal detector. We begin to slowly close the doors of the box with a calculator and receiver attached to them. When the radio catches the waves emitted by the calculator, a loud, sharp sound will be heard. Now you should push the doors of the box so that the sound is very faint, but still audible. Let's try to bring the metal detector to some metal object. The device should respond with a loud, sharp sound. A self-assembled metal detector is ready.

Thus, it is possible to assemble a metal detector at home without even having special knowledge and skills. But it should be borne in mind that such metal detectors not suitable for serious searches metal objects under the ground, because the radius of their actions is small. For complex tasks, you should try to assemble a butterfly or terminator device. On the one hand, if everything works out, you can save a good amount of money, but on the other hand, according to experts, such homemade metal detectors do not always work as intended.