Uninterruptible power supply may vary in power.Despite the enormous progress in the modern world, power surges continue to occur, which lead to a power outage. Of course, people no longer remain without light for a few days because of this, however, even a short circuit adversely affects electrical appliances.

The most vulnerable can be called a personal computer. Despite the seeming power and reliability, these devices very susceptible to breakdowns for various reasons. And the power outage is one of the main problems due to which computers become unusable. To keep the device safe and sound, it is recommended to purchase an uninterruptible power supply for the computer.


  • 1 Advantages of uninterrupted power supplies
  • 2 Criteria for selection
  • 3 Varieties of uninterruptible power supply units
    • 3.1 Backup UPS
    • 3.2 Line Interactive Products
    • 3.3 Dual converter power supplies
  • 4 Useful tips
  • 5 In conclusion

Advantages of uninterrupted power supplies

Model IPB CyberPower - budget device of high quality.Suppose you are working at a computer and suddenly the electricity is turned off. Surely you immediately overcomes the annoyance that you

did not have time to save important changes and do not have time to complete the work on time. Such negative emotions can be avoided by connecting an uninterruptible power supply unit to the computer.

As is clear from the above, the device allows you to work at a computer even in the absence of electricity. Essentially, this analog battery power in a laptop or battery in the smartphone. Thus, in the event of a power outage, you can slowly save all the documents and turn off the PC in the standard way.

In addition, sudden changes in voltage adversely affect the components of the computer. Because of this, the power supply and the motherboard often fail. Uninterrupted PC devices prevent the breakdown of this equipment. As a result, the computer serves much longer without experiencing problems with starting or working.

Summarizing, we can distinguish 3 main qualities for which it is worth buying an uninterruptible power supply device:

  • Ability to work in the absence of electricity.
  • The safety of computer components.
  • No critical errors when starting the PC.

Criteria for selection

To avoid unnecessary expenses, when choosing an uninterruptible power supply unit, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • SPI is needed to ensure the work of stationary computers, if the lights are suddenly turned off.The frequency of power outages.
  • The required time of the unit.
  • The number of connected devices.
  • The power level of the product.
  • Type of UPS.

Now it is worth exploring each of the points in more detail.

The first thing to remember is how often a power outage occurs. It would be foolish to buy an expensive model with a high degree of protection only for "safety net". However if electricity outage occurs several times a dayYou should not buy the cheapest product.

Then it is recommended to focus on the operating time of the uninterruptible power supply unit. It takes 1 minute to turn off the computer, however, most power supply models provide 5–10 minutes of autonomous operation at full load. Of course, there are devices by which you can work up to an hour, but the cost of such products starts from several hundred thousand rubles.

Modern IPB has a wide range of additional functions.Then you should go to the number of devices that continuous operation required. The more connected devices, the more connectors are required and the higher should be the power of the power supply itself.

The last item (power value) follows from the previous one. As mentioned above, the more connected devices - the higher should be the power of the uninterruptible power supply. In addition, the more powerful the connected products, the higher should be the power of the UPS. It is unlikely that the budget model for 2000-3000 p. cope with the simultaneous operation of the "top" computer and audio system.

Varieties of uninterruptible power supply units

In stores there are 3 types of devices for autonomous work:

  • Standby (sometimes called Standby or Off-Line).
  • Line Interactive (or Line Interactive).
  • UPS with double converter (On-line).

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing a device, you need to know and take into account these features.

Backup UPS

Due to their low cost and ease of manufacture, the cheapest products in the market of uninterrupted products. Also, the backup unit device is not intricate. It has only 4 details:

  • The choice of SPI depends on the number of devices that need to be connected to it.Battery.
  • Power charger.
  • Relay.
  • Inverter.

The most important component is the battery. Most often there are models with a voltage of 12 V and a capacity of 7–9 Ah (ampere-hour). It is from the battery that the computer is powered when there is a power outage. Therefore, the higher the value of the block capacity, the longer the PC can work.

The remaining components are less important, because there is nothing up there in the UPS market. When power outage the relay sends a signal to the battery, which was previously charged from the power supply device. An inverter is then activated, which converts the DC voltage from the battery to alternating current for the computer. As a result, the PC does not turn off with the rest of the instruments, but continues to work.

Line Interactive Products

UPS ZIS Company - a common model of uninterruptible power supplyThe structure is similar to backup power supplies. The only difference is the presence of a stepped stabilizer, which equalizes the voltage without switching to the battery itself. Thanks to this modification, the choice of items that can be connected to such a UPS is significantly increased.

Most often, linear-interactive models have great power. Therefore, these devices are more expensive backup. Nevertheless, this series throughout the world is considered the "golden mean". Let them cost more, but provide a wider range of connected devices and reduced time to switch from the network to the battery. Due to these advantages, often linear-interactive sources of autonomous power can be found in data centers.

Dual converter power supplies

Current UPS models for PCs with dual power conversion.As the name implies, in such models the alternating voltage is converted twice: first into a constant, and at the output back into a variable. Because of this UPS spends more electricitythat translates into additional costs. In addition, the low value of efficiency also does not add to such models of advantages.

Nevertheless, these products have significant advantages. The most significant is the lack of time to switch and adjust the frequency with voltage, which gives the computer only high-quality power. True, for the complexity of the circuit device, you have to pay a lot of money. Therefore, these products should be considered last.

Useful tips

Quite a lot of people, choosing the device for uninterrupted power supply according to the main criteria, cannot stop at a certain model. In this case, it is recommended to use the recommendations described below:

  • The SPI may be separate equipment or integrated into a computer.The longer the warranty, the better.. This is an excellent argument when choosing two identical UPS models.
  • If possible, purchase branded products.. That is, buy products of large companies. This could include Mustek or APC.
  • It will be useful to make a purchase in the storewhich has a service center in your city.
  • In most cases, the usual UPS will do., without frills. However, if the computer works when you are not at home, it is recommended to buy models with power management via USB. Such a device will automatically turn off the PC in the absence of electricity and active actions on the computer.
  • HFinally, pay attention to the plug. Some models work with euro outlets, others with ordinary ones, and others with special computer ones. Of course, you can use an adapter, but this is an extra effort.

In conclusion

APC Back-UPS 700VA is another modern and reliable model of an IPB.Devices for uninterrupted power supply of the computer can not be called a means of first necessity. It is advisable to purchase such a product only with frequent power cuts.

Nevertheless, the UPS can be purchased and "just fire". True, you should not buy too heaped up model.