What is shtabingOften, you can hear some say “fine” and others “strobe”. What is the difference, or not at all?

The organization of hidden wiring requires certain knowledge, and its installation must be carried out by a person who has certain knowledge in the field of electricity. When conducting a hidden type of wiring, you will inevitably have to find out what a strobe is and what it is for during installation.


  • 1 Notion of shtroba
  • 2 How to say: shtaba or shtrob
  • 3 How to make the correct penalty
    • 3.1 Ways of cutting furrows for wiring
    • 3.2 How to make a strobe without a grinder
    • 3.3 Fastening and sealing

Notion of shtroba

It is believed that the strobe is a special groove, made in concrete for the convenience of communication wiring. This can be both wiring and pipeline. Strob is different depths, widths. It may vary depending on the thickness of the wire.

Strobing is done with the following tools:

  • Wiring in the wall for wiringsharaborez;
  • crammed;
  • perforator.

If necessary, during the work you can use angle grinder

. It is very convenient in the case when it is necessary to make a preliminary cut in the concrete. In the future, the gouging process will be more simple.

There is another concept of penalties. That is what they call punching furrows in concrete structures.

Whatever the concept and definition you use, in any case, the strobe allows the cable to be completely hidden in the wall and increases the safety of all wiring.

How to say: shtaba or shtrob

Today, on an equal footing, workers use the notion of fine and shtrob. And the one and the other word there are certain adherents. Those who argue that it is correct to say the penalty speak about the origin of the concept. They say that the word came to Russian from German, therefore, to pronounce, it is necessary to write it with the letter "a".

Some say that the concept is French, respectively, the word is written through the letter "o". Nevertheless, most people still agree that it is correct to say the penalty. Professional literature on electricity does not resort to the use of the concepts considered. In textbooks and scientific textbooks, the word furrow is used.

It is up to you to use any concept. It should be borne in mind that the word strobe is more spoken than scientific.

How to make the correct penalty

It does not really matter which concept you decide to use in the process. Much more important is how you do the job, how well and reliably it will be for the further operation of the wiring in the house.

Ways of cutting furrows for wiring

Today, electricians use Two main ways of stitching are:

  • using a wall chaser;
  • with the help of the grinder.

In the first case, the work takes little time, which is definitely a big advantage of this method. In addition, you can work in the presence of, for example, households, since this method will not allow a large amount of dust to be released into the air. The depth and width of the furrow in the case of wall chaser will be uniform. Shtrob get beautiful and smooth.

However, the considered method there are also disadvantages. For example, this is a high tool cost. As a rule, you need to make only one groove, and it is hardly practical to acquire an expensive device for this job.

In the second case, when you use a grinder, it is unlikely that you will have to acquire anything special. Surely the master, working with electricity, there is at least some kind of Bulgarian.

This method provides a number of disadvantages:

  • uneven groove both in width and in depth of the groove;
  • large amount of concrete dust.

It is worth noting that to avoid the appearance of dust when using the grinder is almost impossible. She will definitely stand out in huge numbers and clog up not only all the objects in the apartment, but also her nose, ears, eyes.

How to make a strobe without a grinder

How is wall shaving done?You can use an ordinary electric drill in the work of making a gate. At the same time, it does not matter which particular model you have at hand. Fit perfectly any drill.

In the course of work it is necessary to make grinding heads of abrasive material. These nozzles are completely different shapes. With their help, you will be able to reach even the most inaccessible places.

Then you need to mark the place where exactly the furrow will pass. We process this strip with a cylindrical nozzle. Try to keep the drill as tight as possible during operation.

It is important to remember that there will be a lot of dust during the work, therefore try to remove all the furnitureprotect your own airway.

Fastening and sealing

Use fastener clips to seal. This is more convenient than using other scrap materials.

Closes need to strobe a mixture of plaster putty. It is important that you need to add a dry mixture to water, and not vice versa. Any material is suitable.

Today, the concept of “fine” and the word “shtrob” are equally often used. under certain doubts, you have the full right to use the concept of "groove" or "groove". It is important to remember that the meaning is invested in them exactly the same both by specialists and ordinary amateurs.