Probably, it is not necessary to explain what is meant by the phrase "warm floors". The purpose of such heating devices is already incorporated in the title, especially since today they are installed wherever possible. But about the features of his device and the opinions of people who already use them, it is desirable to learn better before installing such a system in his apartment.

Features infrared floors

Relatively recently, a new type of equipment appeared on the market for heating devices - infrared heaters. Every year they are becoming increasingly popular. They are available to consumers in a wide variety of models, which differ among themselves not only in characteristics, but also in appearance. Their use in urban dwellings allows you to create a favorable microclimate and at the same time decorate the premises of the apartment, since these devices are quite aesthetic.

Are infrared heaters dangerous?

The possibilities of electric heating are increasingly being used by owners of country houses and cottages. The main advantages of such devices are high efficiency, economy and ease of temperature control. To make such an electric heating system as efficient as possible, you need to correctly select the heating boiler. The demand for electric heating contributed to the appearance on the market of a huge selection of electric boilers of various sizes and capacities. What electrical equipment for home heating is best to choose?

Features electric boilers

The warmth in the house gives a feeling of coziness and comfort. The lack of a comfortable temperature in the house not only deprives you of comfort, but also damages human health. The choice of heating options is quite large. Many install multifunctional boilers that can be used on different types of fuel. However, warm floors are becoming increasingly popular.

Features of heating floors

Among all the benefits that are available in a modern apartment and a private house, there is always hot water. Unfortunately, today it is still possible to meet such sleeping areas and private buildings, which are not connected to the central hot water supply. And trying to get out of such a difficult situation, many owners are beginning to consider the option of installing an autonomous hot water system.

How to install the heater yourself