Boiler modelsA boiler that is simple to connect and use when installed in a dwelling for the first time raises many questions about its operation. How to properly include it, how to maintain it, to extend the life. Consider the features of the inclusion of boilers and their work.


  • 1 What are the boilers
  • 2 How to turn on the storage water heater
  • 3 Rules for using a working device
  • 4 The choice of economical heating mode
  • 5 How to turn on instantaneous water heater
  • 6 How to extend the work of the device

What are the boilers

In order to properly maintain the water heater that is installed in the house, you first need to understand what type of boiler it is. There are two main directions of boiler water heating systems.

  • The storage water heater, which first accumulates water in its tank, and then heats it.
  • Water heater flowing, which heats the water in the process of flow through the boiler.

How to turn on the storage water heater

The first thing that the owners should pay attention to when accepting the work of the masters after the installation of the boiler and, before turning on the water heater, did they do the grounding. Family safety is a key requirement when installing such a device,

which connects to electricity.

Water heaterThe second thing that the exploiters of the accumulative boiler have to do after installing the system is to check the correctness of the connection and the presence of leaks in the joints. This should be done by disconnecting the water heater from the power source. Then cold water is poured into the container, while the hot water tap must be opened to see the moment when the tank is completely filled. This moment comes when water begins to flow from the hot water tap. At this point, you need to close the taps and view the boiler and all pipe connections from all sides.

Only after everything has been viewed and nowhere. no leaks were detected water heater can be plugged in and set the desired mode of heating water.

Rules for using a working device

There are two opinions about the correct and economical use of the cumulative boiler, and they are the opposite of the action scheme.

  • The water heater device should never be disconnected from the power supply so that it is constantly in operation.
  • In order not to waste extra energy, keep the boiler off from the outlet and turn on only hot water as needed.

Electric boiler photoThinking logically you can come to the conclusion that the second option better to save, But this is only at first glance. It turns out that the water heater is designed in such a way that it is more economical to maintain one water temperature than to heat the entire volume with zero temperature.

And the matter is not only in the consumption of electricity, but in the service life of the device itself. According to experts, the tank in which water is constantly located is less exposed to corrosion.

And if the disconnected water heater is located in a room with a temperature below five degrees Celsius, this will adversely affect its entire system. In particular, the main blow will fall on the performance of temperature sensors that will fail.

Therefore, it is necessary to disconnect the tank from electricity only when its work required no more than once a week.

To prevent the water heater from becoming unusable at one moment, it is imperative that you check the presence of water in it before turning on the boiler.

The choice of economical heating mode

There is an opinion that if you set the heating temperature of the boiler low, it will save electricity. But it turns out that at the same time, the efficiency of the device decreases, thereby not allowing savings.

Water heater installedIn some devices, the economy mode is specially provided, which can be seen on the temperature scale in the form of the letter E. You can read about it in the instructions attached to the equipment. This mode of saving can not be understood in the literal sense. Manufacturers meant wasteful energy consumption, and water heating at fifty-five degrees, at which the most minimal level of education occurs. By the way, manufacturers allow owners using this economy mode to clean the tank less often, which will save money not spent on this process.

It is not recommended to set the temperature below fifty-five degrees for the reason that fungal bacteria reproduce well in low temperatures. They grow on the walls of the tank, and the water gets the smell of mold, which will be very difficult to get rid of.

How to turn on instantaneous water heater

If you install a large storage tank is not possible, and a lot of hot water is constantly needed, in this case, the best option would be a flow boiler. This is convenient in that it works along the lines of a central hot water system. When it is needed, the tap opens and it begins to flow.

The installation of such a boiler will require the work of specialists, who first of all must conduct separate wiring for this powerful equipment. And experts must be high-class because no one wants to be left without electricity when connected incorrectly or weak wiring.

Various photo boilersHow to turn on the boiler and where to start the operation of this device so it is with checking the water pressure in the faucet. If it is not weak, then you can check further. Adjust the water pressure in the tap to check the temperature. If she does not like it, you need to raise or lower with the buttons on the tank body.

If hot water is no longer needed, the tap is closed and the boiler is turned off using the OFF button. In many systems there is a memorizing function of the latest settings, therefore, most likely, in the next switching on, the water in the tap when turned on will be already adjusted and with the right degree.

How to extend the work of the device

In order to save every consumer wants to extend the life of the necessary devices, so there are rules how this can be achieved.

Quality boilerWith hard water, you need to install special filters that will prolong the operation time of the device. To reduce heat losses, the flow boiler should be mounted as close to the tap as possible. On tank body should not be splashedtherefore, this must be considered during installation. If the premises assume a temperature below zero degrees, then install such a tank can not. With a weak water pressure in the house can not expose the highest temperature of heating. With such tasks, the instantaneous water heater simply refuses to work without turning on.

During operation, scale builds up in the boiler, so periodically the filters should be washed under running water or process with special means.

If you follow all the above rules for installing, switching on and servicing a boiler, it will serve for a long time and heat the water, as the owners need it.