AIIS KUE systemEach apartment has an electric meter. Recently, an electronic counter has become popular, the principle of which is to convert the signal into a pulse frequency. Counting pulse repetition gives the amount of energy that apartment tenants use.

What is Automated accounting system ASKUESuch electronic meters are much betterthan induction, which still use rotating elements. Electronic meters allow a person at any time to see the amount of energy that was used during the month. In addition, they, having many additional functions, easily fit into the AMR system.

What is AMR? AMR is an automatic system for commercial accounting of electricity. AMR is an automated control system, which in the aggregate consists of the means that ensure its autonomous operation.


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Video: Modern ASKUE systems for the UNEG

Functions of the system ASKUE

Unified system of automated accounting systems ASKUEThe functions of this system, which allows to control electricity, a lot. So she allows you to automatically perform information processing operationsowned by an electricity transmission company.

Another important aspect is ability to calculate the amount of electricity and heatingarriving at objects of various uses: from residential buildings to industrial warehouses. This system can take into account the consumption of energy resources at the level of the house, district, city and even the whole settlement.

The main functions of the system include:

  1. Continuous monitoring of energy use.
  2. Accounting for the use of electricity according to numerous tariffs.
  3. Providing digital characteristics on request dispatcher.
  4. Time management system with the possibility of its adjustment.
  5. Preservation of digital characteristics in the main database.

Automatic preparation of data on electricity consumption for each metering point at specified commercial intervals is performed every thirty minutes.

Video: ASMSA development example for SCADA TRACE MODE

Basic elements of AMR

Commissioning automated accounting systemThe system of automatic metering and accounting system consists of four elements:

  1. Digital energy and power metering devices.
  2. Communications.
  3. Computers on which the specialized software is installed.
  4. Software.

The first element of AMR is digital energy and power metering devices, as well as information collection and transmission devices. As part of the system microprocessor devices are usedin the accounting sector. Their main advantages are the ability to take into account, according to the tariffs, active and reactive energy, as well as power in both directions.

Also, these devices are able to fix the maximum power and load in a certain time interval and store the data in their memory. Many devices capable of measuring and quality energy parameterssuch as voltage, voltage dips, frequency, and more. For the transfer of the collected information with the meter connection is established. If it is not installed, all information in kilowatt-hours is archived and can be stored for some time in the memory of the metering device.

Communications are specialized and dedicated telephone channels and specially installed telecommunications equipment (various modems, multiplexers, radio modems, etc.).

The third element of AMR - computers on which specialized software is being installedrequired for collecting and transmitting data from one or several devices.

There are several types of interfaces for transferring information:

  1. Communication cabinet of automated accounting system ASKUE with RS-485 interfaceThe RS-485 interface, which is a cable on which you can install up to thirty two devices. This makes it possible to increase the speed of information transfer, but it is suitable for use only on small objects.
  2. PLC interface - information transfer over the meter power wires.
  3. Mobile interface that transmits information using a modem.

The fourth element of AMR is software that allows you to exchange data with other enterprises and suppliers.

Main types

Automated system for commercial metering of electric energyIn the conditions of a constant rise in prices for the electric power the constant control of its use is carried out and new measures of its effective accounting are developed.

The field of application of automated control systems is constantly expanding, which helps to continuously and effectively control and optimize the amount of costsattributable to energy resources. Automated accounting systems are used in the following areas:

  1. In consumer networks.
  2. In residential sectors, including private ones.
  3. In gardening partnerships and country houses, cottages.
  4. Collective accounting systems, allowing to serve up to 50 subscribers.
  5. Systems with the ability to serve up to 1000 people.

The basis of all information-measuring systems includes measuring and computing complex, which is installed in the accounting sectors and information processing at substations, power plants, in oil and gas companies, at large industrial and industrial enterprises.

The main positive factor in the use of such systems in the domestic sphere is the optimization of existing costs and the reduction of consumption, as well as protection against theft. The main plus is ability to analyze consumption values to identify shortcomings in the work of such systems. The askue system includes three levels of accounting:

  1. Measurement level These are the instruments and sensors included in the system.
  2. Informational level. This implementation of the collection and transmission of information.
  3. Archive level. This is the creation and storage of archives in the measuring and computing complex.

Automated system for commercial metering of electric energy based on Energomera productsFor work at the information level, such transmission channels as special wire lines, radio frequency and infrared channels are used.

At present, the already familiar term is being heard less and less in the electricity market, and now a new abbreviation, which stands for: automated information-measuring system of commercial accounting electricity.

So far, this concept has not yet had time to settle down in the energy world, therefore already now one can meet so many inaccuracies in the execution of documents. But the automated information-measuring system of commercial accounting of electricity carries all those actions and operations that were previously performed by the automatic system of commercial accounting electricity.

Video: Installation of ASKUE