Adjustment of converters and installation of a satellite dish.Recently, satellite television is simply in great demand, and this is not surprising. This way of broadcasting allows you to improve the quality of channels, increase their number, and simply it is much more convenient than using modems or cable TV.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Use of a satellite dish
    • 2.1 General information about satellite television
  • 3 Home satellite tv
    • 3.1 Recommendations for setting up satellite television
  • 4 Antenna selection
  • 5 Choice of the converter and receiver
  • 6 Installing a satellite dish
  • 7 Adjustment procedure
  • 8 Conclusion


It is also worth noting that the installation of a satellite dish can be made independently, and for this you do not need to have unique knowledge in physics or be able to use a soldering iron. Installing a satellite dish with your own hands, on the contrary, is quick and easy. It will only be necessary to follow the recommendations, as well as to use the specific basic knowledge in astronomy.

Use of a satellite dish

The location of the satellite dish is shown in the diagram.As a rule, before installing a satellite, many people think about the availability of a permit. And is it necessary to obtain permission to install a satellite dish? In fact, you can do without permission, because

receiving television services via satellite free of charge, but it will not be possible to watch all the channels.

Many channels will be marked with an asterisk or an exclamation mark, that is, broadcasting can be made only after payment. In order to open full access to all channels, you need to buy a special key card.

Permission may be required for the installation of the antenna, but from the utilities. If the "plate" is installed on the roof of the building or supporting structures, then you will need to get a special document, which confirms the installation of the satellite, and otherwise the antenna can simply be removed and at the same time the person will pay a fine.

If a install a satellite dish on the side of the building, that is, where there are no load-bearing structures, you can do without permission, but the equipment will constantly suffer from impulses wind, humidity, cold. Exposure to external factors significantly reduces the service life.

Many residents of Russia mainly order the installation of a satellite dish through the company, which assume all obligations, including obtaining permission to install equipment from the housing department.

General information about satellite television

Build an antenna for television.Before you start installing a satellite dish you need to know some general information that will ultimately help in setting up the equipment. First you should understand what is geostationary orbit. This orbit, which is located at an altitude of 35,768 kilometers, and is equal to the equator. It is at this altitude that the speed of the earth equals the satellite. In fact, the satellite in such conditions is in place.

It is the standing of the satellite in one place and gives the desired result, which allows it to be used for quick transmission of information. This information is necessary when installing the antenna, since it will need to be adjusted to the location of the satellite. In addition, a competent setting can help increase the number of free channels.

Sometimes the question may arise whether it is possible to catch broadcasting from several satellites at once. Naturally, since the rays of the information from the satellites that are in space, often intersect, but mostly the channels may be useless. People set up satellite dishes most often. with a country and language orientation. If we take this into account, then the number of satellites for tuning can be selected significantly less. In many regions, only one satellite may be available.

Home satellite tv

The location of satellites in orbit.When installing satellite television, as already mentioned, adjustment will be required or, as they say, adjustment in professional circles. This is a kind of selection of a thin angle in order to find a broadcast from a certain satellite. For the person who does not have experience in setting up a satellite dishIt is rather difficult to do this kind of work. But at any time you can call the master, who will make the adjustment in a matter of minutes, because he already has experience, and his eyes are aimed at finding the required angle.

The cost of such work is not too big, but do not hope that the adjustment should be carried out only once. Any squall wind or snowfall can knock down the antenna, and in this case you will need to call the master. What for? You can do everything with your own hands and gain the necessary experience in setting up the practice.

Recommendations for setting up satellite television

Geostationary South - how to define it?Sometimes even if all the settings of television are observed, there is simply no broadcasting or you can only see channels with poor quality. The reason is usually that the antenna is installed in villages or villages that are located in lowlands and while they cannot qualitatively catch the satellite signal, and in fact it “shines” quite strongly into the desired the point. Therefore, when buying a satellite, you need to consult about which satellites will be able to catch the "plate" and choose an option that is acceptable for you. After that, when setting up, pay attention to some details.

  1. Catch satellite frequency you just can't do it yourself, so when you buy an antenna, the client gets a book with the necessary frequencies. These are mainly Sirius satellites, which operate at a frequency of 11.766 GHz. The remaining satellites operate at frequencies of a radius of 10 GHz.
  2. Table of the location of broadcasting satellites in orbit.You can catch two satellites on the same frequency, and at the same time do not deteriorate the quality of signal reception. The bottom line is that the signals from two satellites will be parallel to each other, intersecting only at the entrance to the satellite dish.
  3. The data transfer rate depends mainly on the quality of the satellite dish. and competent settings. Most often, the speed parameters are denoted by the letters SR (Single Root). Next to the abbreviation of the SR are digital symbols that indicate the frame packages available for viewing channels. This is special traffic to access the channels, but it should not be confused with teleframes.

Antenna selection

Satellite antenna orientation for quality reception.The choice of a satellite dish basically boils down only to the purchase of a model with the required diameter. As a rule, it is the quality of the reception depends on the diameter of the “plate” satellite broadcasting, but if in St. Petersburg it can be enough for 60 cm, then for the southern regions a long length is required, which can be 1.5 m.

It is worth noting that many people when choosing an antenna think that a large diameter can catch a huge number of channels or improve the quality of broadcasting. No, actually with a large diameter of the plate channels may become more, but their quality is significantly reduced. Most of the satellite signal is reflected from the satellite dish satellite. When choosing an antenna with a small diameter, the quality is better, because the signal from the satellite is focused. In addition, such equipment is much easier to configure.

We must not forget that when buying equipment, you need to additionally purchase multi-code. This will allow to install several converters on one satellite dish. Sellers are usually interested in whether equipment has one socket or multifit. It is necessary to choose the second option, even if only one slot will be used in the end. This not only gives an advantage in using the converter, but also if one cell breaks, the equipment can be switched to other sockets.

Choice of the converter and receiver

What should be the converters and why they are needed.The converter is an important part in any satellite dish. As a rule, this part is selected separately for the “plate”, but what part of the work does this equipment do? The converter serves to catch the signal from the satellite and convert a strong signal that breaks through the atmospheric layers into an easy flow of information for the receiver.

Most often, people acquire converters with circular polarization, since they are not so sensitive. Besides, such converters allow you to catch a quality signalwhich will not change depending on the weather outside or due to satellite deviation in orbit. It is important to remember that the quality of the broadcast will directly depend on the choice of model and converter company.

The receiver, on the other hand, has almost no effect on the quality of broadcasting, and basically its choice comes down to cost and number of functions.

Installing a satellite dish

On the Internet, you can find a sufficiently large number of various schemes that allow you to install a satellite dish, but it is difficult to find phased work and recommendations. At installation of the antenna it is necessary to be guided by recommendations which allow to avoid mistakes.

  1. When installing it is important to rememberthat the pipe installation part must be directed strictly vertically in two planes. Otherwise, problems may arise during the alignment of the equipment.
  2. Installing a satellite dish does not require certain knowledge.Antenna installation should normally be done on site.where there are no reflective elements such as window glass. The mirror should be clean. The geometric axis, as a rule, does not coincide with the mirror, therefore its direction is slightly changed. It is important that when changing the reflection, the target of the mirror does not look at the reflective elements.
  3. If equipment is installed in private areas, it is necessary to raise the satellite dish to a height of about 10 meters. This will significantly reduce its dustiness, which ultimately will improve the quality of the signal.
  4. When attaching a satellite dish DIYMany people use ordinary dowels, but, as a rule, gusts of wind when using such consumables, swing and deform equipment. You need to use special collet studs, which have a diameter of 8 mm and a length of about 200 mm. In addition, this mount is reinforced with nuts and lock nuts.
  5. When installing trubovorki, you must first install only one part. The second pipe rack is assembled at home. This reduces the complexity of the work, and at the same time it will be easier to align the strict vertical parameters during installation.

Adjustment procedure

As a rule, for high-quality adjustment of the antenna you need to take out the TV with the receiver on the street, previously connecting it to an extension cord. Then:

  1. After connecting the TV, converter and receiver, you need to set the parameters for manual search.
  2. Turn on the signal search mode.
  3. How to install and send a satellite dish.The path of the satellite dish up and down smoothly changes in order to catch the satellite signal. As a rule, when using equipment with a small diameter, the azimuth measurement is not required.
  4. After the signal has been caught, the antenna is tilted slightly to search for a better signal. The priority is the quality of broadcasting.
  5. The antenna will need to be fixed firmly with nuts, but there may be difficulties. It is necessary to tighten the nuts so that the signal is not lost. If the broadcasting quality has deteriorated, the diagonal nut is tightened.


Even a beginner can perform the installation and adjustment of a satellite dish with his own hands. This will save a large amount of money, but, most importantly, not to make mistakes and do everything exactly according to the instructions.