Apple makes wires for iPhone from environmentally friendly materials, which, however, are quite impractical: they break, break and quickly fail. In this regard, the owners of "apple" phones often have a question, how to fix the wire from Aion himself without the help of service centers specialists.


  • 1 Causes of failure
  • 2 Cable repair
    • 2.1 Insulating tape
    • 2.2 Heat-shrink tubing
    • 2.3 Soldering
  • 3 Preventive measures

Causes of failure

As a rule, damage to the charging cable appears at the folds near the connectors. The main reasons for this problem are: careless use or storage of the already fragile cord, as well as pets who love to play with all sorts of wires.

Cable break

Warped wires - one of the main problems of technology from Apple

Cable repair

It is possible to repair the wire from iPhone charging quickly and with your own hands in 3 main ways: using electrical tape, “heat shrinking” and by soldering.

Insulating tape

Perhaps this is the easiest way. As soon as you notice the slightest violation of the insulation of the wire, you need to immediately stop the spread of damage. To do this, you need to take a simple electrical tape and tightly wrap the cable in the place of damage, then carefully cut off the excess. It will not look very aesthetic, but the cable will function properly.

Insulated cable

Wire wrapping with tape is a simple but short-lived method.

Heat-shrink tubing

This method is much more reliable than the first. Its essence lies in the fact that a special tube is put on the cable, which decreases in size when heated, tightly fixing the damaged insulation. You can buy such a tube in any store for electricians.

Heat shrink

Put the heat shrink on the wire and place it over the damaged area.

Then, with short-term approaches, heat it with a lighter until it grips the wire as tightly as possible. Attention! Do not overheat the wire, otherwise you risk getting more problems with insulation.

Thermoshrink after heating

Depending on the coefficient of shrinkage of the tube can be reduced in diameter from 2 to 6 times


If the damage is not repaired with insulation, you can resort to using a soldering iron.

  1. Remove some external insulation and strip the wires as shown in the picture.
    The first stage of soldering wires

    First you need to clean the wires

  2. Then put a drop of flux on each of them and, connecting the wires by color, connect them in turn with a soldering iron.
  3. Wrap each individual core with tape, and put on heat shrinkage on the resulting structure.
    Insulation of each core

    So ideally the wire should look like after soldering

Do not use this method if you are unsure of your abilities, if improper installation can damage the phone itself!

Preventive measures

In order not to waste time, nerves and money on the repair of the wire from the iPhone, it is better to try to prevent a breakdown with the help of available tools. So, you can use a simple spring from a ballpoint pen - it will play the role of a shock absorber against dangerous cable deformations.

Putting the spring on the wire from the iPhone

This procedure must be done very carefully.

Take a spring and start to wind it on the cable so that it is inside. Then secure it to the bulge near the connector so that it does not fly off.

Spring on the cable

After putting on the spring, it can be fixed at the base of the cable with a transparent second glue

This solution does not look quite aesthetic, but the probability of breaking and tearing the cable drops several times.

These methods - the best thing you can do to fix the cable from charging iPhone. It is worth remembering that the careful use of wires will help to delay or completely eliminate their repair.