Gum - elastic assistant in various household chores! Typically, the gum can be found at home in the most unexpected places. Could not help thinking: well, why do you need it, it's garbage. It is better to throw the excess gum, because where it may come in handy...

This is fundamentally the wrong approach. Look at these 16 great examples of the use of rubber bands. Brilliant ideas, who immediately want to try in practice. Cherishing gum, let them help you in dealing with various everyday issues!

Using gum at home

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  1. Secure with rubber bands cover on the pan - very handy if you want to move the pan. The cover does not slip!
    gum for pans
  2. Eraser will help tighten the screw without any problems.
    gum for the screw
  3. Lay down your clothes and towels compact - with rubber bands do it easily! Excellent life hacking for travelers.
    twisted clothes
  4. So you can turn the pages, not saliva with the fingers ...
    rubber band on his finger
  5. Do so, if the door to the room does not want to close tightly.
    gum on the door
  6. Fun for the little ones: print from gums.
    Printing of gum
  7. French manicure - nothing is easier when you have gum!
    gum for a French manicure
    gum for a French manicure
  8. Cut into slices the apple does not darken, if the seal of his band.
    gum on apples
  9. Use rubber bands in the dyeing of Easter eggs - get incredible beauty.
    gum for Easter eggs
  10. Tall glasses fixed rubber band will not fall while washing in the dishwasher.
    gum on glass
  11. If a bottle of nail polish will not open, try the gum.
    gum to polish bottle
  12. Now the clothes will no longer slip off the rack!
    gum for hangers
  13. This bracelet again in vogue.
    gum on hand
  14. Wear your favorite jeans, even during pregnancy, using both conventional fastener gum.
    gum jeans
  15. To plate does not slide on the table, apply the gum. Perfect!
    gum on the board
  16. Do not open a bank? Eraser will help you!
    gum for banks

It's not all how to use gumThat may be useful to you. Maybe you know how to box and is useful to apply the usual gum? Be sure to tell us about it in the comments.

Even such a trifle as normal gum, can be very useful in the house!