End Internal CouplingThe sleeve end heat shrinkable inner installation is a device whose main purpose is to terminate power cables with several conductors at a voltage level of up to 1 kilowatt. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what material the insulation is made of — paper or plastic.


  • 1 General rules for installing a heat shrinkable sleeve
  • 2 Coupling application
  • 3 The advantages of the device
  • 4 Installation
  • 5 State standards in clutch production

General rules for installing a heat shrinkable sleeve

Internal heat shrinkable end sleevesFor the normal functioning of any type of this device it is necessary to ensure its reliable protection from penetration of dirt and moisture. In addition, you need to carefully prepare the workplace. If the installation is planned to be carried out in conditions of a large accumulation of dust and high humidity, it is necessary to use a tent made of tarpaulin.

To install this type of coupling, the method of heat shrinking of elements made of modified polymer is used. For installation, a temperature dryer or a burner can be used. The required temperature ranges from 120 to 140 degrees.

Coupling application

Use of a heat shrinkable end sleeve possible in almost any room regardless of the level of humidity in it. The device functions normally at an ambient temperature of -50 to +50 degrees. The design of the device involves the presence of heat-shrinkable gloves - on its inside there is hot melt adhesive, several heat shrinkable tubes, the main function of which is to insulate the cores and cuff system.

In order to maximize smooth the inner surface, apply mastic white shade. In the process of shrinking gloves and tubes, this substance becomes softer, thereby removing excess air from the system. As a result of mastic application coupling acquires reliable protection from various adverse environmental factors, including exposure to moisture.

The advantages of the device

The end heat shrinkable sleeve of the internal installation has many advantages, among which the main ones are:

  1. High level of tightness.
  2. Excellent resistance to mechanical stress of different strengths.
  3. Good resistance to high temperatures.
  4. Does not react with many chemicals.
  5. Tracking resistance.
  6. Due level of electrical insulation characteristics.
  7. Absolute safety for the environment.
  8. Universal nature of the application.
  9. Long service life and storage.
  10. Easy installation process.

Internal shrink sleeveIf complete with a coupling having a marking of 1 KWTP type, Universal bolt end caps included types of NB, then the letter “H” is also added to the standard designation. The lugs can be used for terminating aluminum and copper cables.

In some cases, in a set with a terminal heat shrinkable sleeve of the internal installation, there are also tips made of copper and aluminum. As a rule, they are made in such a size that they are exactly suitable for soldering or crimping. In the standard configuration of the presented coupling, in sure order there will be such details as elements for carrying out the installation of the grounding node.


For the installation using the combined method. It lies in the fact that the ground lead is first connected to the cable sheaths by means of springs with a constant pressure level, and then with armor. In the second case, the soldering method is used.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the set of end heat-shrinkable sleeves for indoor installation, sold under the 1 KVTP brand, is completely contains all the necessary supplies and itemsrequired for cable termination. As a rule, these kits are sold in a polyethylene or corrugated box.

To create a heat shrinkable material of this device, which is one of the main components of the entire device, innovative technology of thermoplastics is used. In the process of processing products with radiation rays, it acquires new technical characteristics. The main one is the ability of the coupling to reduce its size when exposed to high temperatures, without changing the shape.

State standards in clutch production

Cable sleeve end heat shrinkable internal installationThe end coupling of the internal installation is made in accordance with the current state standards. All requirements for the manufacture of this type of coupling are set out in GOST 137981.0-86. In some cases, it is necessary to adjust the voltage level of the electric field. To perform this action, use tools such as:

  • black high-voltage glove;
  • tape regulator.

The end heat shrinkable sleeves of internal installation have a wide scope. Depending on their type, they can be applied in the following cases:

  1. For connecting two or more cables.
  2. For attaching an element with plastic insulation to an element with paper insulation.
  3. To terminate any kind of cables on the premises.
  4. For connection of distribution elements with the trunk cable system.

When choosing a terminal heat shrinkable coupling of an internal installation, attention should be paid to the design of the product and its equipment. It often happens that the manufacturer makes mistakes in the process of creating their goods or forgets to put the necessary part.