Water heater and its connectionDespite the fact that in each apartment there is a hot water supply, however, sometimes there are interruptions in its supply. In such a situation will help such a device as a water heater. This unit can be installed in any apartment that has a cold water riser. The boiler can be used as an additional source of hot water when it disappears from the faucets. It can also act as the main one if the dwelling is not connected to the centralized water supply system.

Currently available on the market different types of water heaters. Along with gas available and electric boilers. The use of such equipment should be considered as the most economical way of organizing hot water supply in an urban dwelling. The boiler is especially beneficial if water tariffs are higher than electricity. Faced with the problem of shortage of hot water, you can not do without a water heater. But to buy a boiler is half the battle. It is even more important to properly install it and connect this installation to the water supply system and the electrical network.


  • 1 How to choose a place to install water heaters?
  • 2 Independent installation of the boiler
  • 3 Water connection
    • 3.1 Work order
    • 3.2 Boiler Installation: Tips
  • 4 Connecting the boiler to the network with their own hands
  • 5 Conclusion

How to choose a place to install water heaters?

Choosing a place for water heaterUninterrupted operation of the boiler is possible only if the work on its installation is performed correctly. Before connecting the water heater, it is necessary decide where to place it. In most homes, the installation of such equipment is made in the bathrooms in close proximity to the risers with water. The usual place for its placement is the toilet, since it is there that most often pass the water supply risers. Less commonly used to install this unit is the bathroom.

Placing the unit near the risers, provides a good water pressure - one of the conditions for trouble-free operation of the boiler. Installing a water heater complicates its great weight. To secure it, it is necessary to choose the main wall. If you decide to place it on a partition of small thickness, it will not cope with such a load and the tank will fall to the floor.

If talk about the wiring diagram this equipment, then we note that it is quite simple. The owner of the house can independently carry out this work without the help of experts. If you chose a toilet as a location for this installation, then you need to arrange it in such a way that it does not interfere with the use of the toilet. In some cases, when the apartment has an inconvenient layout, place two water heaters at once. When it is necessary to provide hot water in the kitchen and in the bathroom, then this is the best solution.

Installation with a tank of large volume is placed in the toilet, since the water flow there is much more. And in the kitchen set the boiler smaller capacity. Experts recommend placing the boiler in the kitchen under the sink or above it. As for the toilet, in this room the best option for placing this installation is above the toilet or sink.

When the location of the installation is determined, it is necessary to select the connection scheme. In the immediate vicinity of the equipment should not be foreign objects. there is a number of installation requirements, which should be aware of:

  • wiring should not run near the boiler;
  • Close to the installation site should be risers to which the tank and control devices will be connected.

Independent installation of the boiler

If you decide to install a water heater on your own, then it will have to make a lot of effort. In this case There are three options:

  • How to connect the water heaterbuying a boiler, the seller allows the installation of the equipment on their own. At the same time, the warranty on the water heater is retained. In this case, the owner of the dwelling must, when carrying out the installation, be oriented towards the wiring diagrams and install in accordance with it. Then the installation of the unit will be performed with high quality, and during operation the installation will work reliably. In addition, the safety of her work will be ensured;
  • when purchasing a water heater, either the manufacturer or the seller himself prohibits the buyer from independently installing the electric water heater. This situation is not uncommon. In this case, you need to understand that deciding to perform the installation on your own, the warranty on the device will be lost. If this is not critical, then you can do the assembly of the unit with your own hands. However, it is necessary to fully comply with all installation conditions;
  • instruction and installation diagram of the boiler is missing. In this case, you should not try to do the work yourself. The best solution is to contact the specialists who connect the boiler correctly and ensure its further maintenance and, if necessary, repairs.

In most cases, without any difficulty, you can connect the boiler with your own hands. If you are determined to do this work yourself, you need to prepare. First of all, you will need certain tools and materials for installation work:

  • How to connect the boiler to the water supplyhammer drill. If not, then you can use a punch;
  • drill, building level;
  • pliers, wrench;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • soldering iron for plastic pipes.

When buying a boiler, the consumer can find it in the package. fasteners:

  • first carry out the fastening to the wall of the metal strip on which the unit will be fixed in the future;
  • then a metal bar is fixed to the water heater, which with the help of bolts will then be mounted on the wall surface.

In carrying out this work, one cannot do without the use of a building level, since one of installation requirements is that the boiler must be in a strictly horizontal or vertical position

When the installation of the boiler is completed, it is necessary to carry out at least responsible work on its connection to the water supply system and the electrical network.

Water connection

No difficulty in connecting the boiler to the water supply network usually does not arise. When performing this work, use a simple installation scheme, which includes the choice of the place of installation of the device and the connection of pipes. When performing installation work, it is necessary focus on manufacturer instructions.

Work order

  • Boiler installationIt is necessary to begin this work with the fact that it is necessary to put a safety valve on the nozzle. Through it will be supplied to the installation of cold water from the pipeline. During this work it is necessary to ensure maximum tightness. To do this, you can use any material that you have in the house, designed for waterproofing. Being engaged in winding the valve on the nozzle, you must not be zealous, otherwise you can just damage it. It is worth saying that as part of the water heater safety valve is an essential element. Operation of the equipment without this component is prohibited.
  • Connection of the water heater to the water supply is made using pipes. On the market are available pipes of various materials with which you can connect this equipment. It is best to make a choice in favor of copper pipes. If you can not afford to purchase them, you can choose more affordable plastic tubes.
  • If a room in which there are no water supply risers was chosen to install the unit, then you will need to install a water tank. When placing it, you should be aware that relative to the water heater the container should be located at a distance of at least 5 meters.

After spending a couple of hours of your time, you can make a high-quality connection of the cumulative boiler to the water supply.

Boiler Installation: Tips

Boiler installation is best exercise near the placewhere hot water will be used. This will minimize heat loss.

If the water in the pipes is of poor quality, then in order for the equipment not to fail before the deadline, a filter must be connected at the inlet. It is usually not included with the electric water heater, so it will have to be purchased for an additional fee.

If there is no waterproofing of the floor in the room where the installation of the device for water heating will be performed, then in this case it is necessary to install a pallet. Thanks to him, water will be drained into the sewage through drainage pipes. It is also not included with this equipment, so you need to take care of their purchase.

Connecting the boiler to the network with their own hands

How should the connection be connectedThe first thing you need to pay attention to - posting typeused by the manufacturer of the storage tank - lower or upper. Before connecting the unit, you should familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to correctly mount the device - horizontally or vertically. Note that the installation of some models can be done in both ways.

Before you start connecting your storage water heater to the electrical network yourself, you must perform a power outage. Then you should disconnect the wires, and only then you can proceed to the wiring installation. Pay attention to the phases being observed during work.

During installation do not forget about grounding. Without it, the use of equipment is prohibited, since in this case the risk to the health and life of the owners increases.

Before turning on the electricity, it is necessary to close the protective cover of the water heater. You can only open it if you turn off the power.

Until the boiler tank is filled to at least one third, the electricity should not be turned on.


Connection of accumulative boiler - not such a difficult task, therefore, you can do it yourself. In order for the installation to be of high quality, it is necessary to carefully study the manufacturer's instructions for installing this equipment before starting work. In addition, during installation, you must comply with safety regulations. In some cases, of course, you will need helpers. The need for them will arise when connecting a boiler with a tank of large capacity to the wall. Such equipment is quite heavy and it is problematic to install it alone. In this case, you can ask for help from relatives.

In some cases, installation can be done by experts. If you first encounter boilers and have never worked with wiring before, then the risk is high that the equipment will not work after the installation is completed, or its life will be short To be sure of the quality of installation, it is worth spending on the services of professional craftsmen. They will install the equipment in a short time.