The topic of our today's article is the technology of connecting an electric bell. Sooner or later you will have to install a new one or replace an old device. Strangely enough, but you can have difficulties with the confusion in the wires, which, as a rule, should be 4. Next, we will tell you how to connect a doorbell in an apartment or house, attaching to the instruction all necessary diagrams and photos.
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It's easiest to connect a wireless call, becausefor this you do not need to deal with wiring. Most often, the button and the main unit work from the batteries, so all you need is to fix all the elements on the wall. The button can be placed on a double-sided tape or drill a small hole in the wall and drive the dowel-nails. The doorbell itself can also be mounted on the wall or simply placed on a closet in a suitable room. In some models of wireless devices, the buttons work from batteries, and the main unit must be plugged into the wall socket, as shown in the photo below. In this case, there should not be any difficulties in connection.

Wireless model

By the way, it is recommended to install the button at a height of 1.5 meters from the floor. This height is considered the most comfortable for turning on / off the signal. As for the optimal height of the installation of the sockets from the floor, we discussed this in the relevant article.

A clear advantage of the
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wireless model Wired

Much more questions arise if you need to connect an electrical doorbell to a 220-volt network. In this case, the actions are the same as the connection of the light switch - the phase starts to break to the button, and zero goes directly to the main unit. You can clearly see the layout of the wires on this diagram:

Wiring wiring

So, if you have settled in a new building or want to install a doorbell in the house, then you need to act as follows:

  • Choose the most suitable places for installing the button and the main unit.
  • Disconnect the input automat on the switchboard.
  • Make a hole in the wall for the cable routing, which will connect the circuit elements. In order not to stumble on other wires when strobileniem, we recommend to learn how to find the wire in the wall.
  • From the finished hole, pull the shtroby to the location of the button and door bell. You can do without this stage, if you conduct an open wiring in the cable channels.
  • Fix all the elements on the walls, immediately remove the front cover so that you can access the terminals for connecting the wires.
  • Connect Zero directly to the main unit.
  • Connect the phase of the button to the phase of the door bell.
  • Connect the phase from the ring to the corresponding terminal in the junction box.
  • If the apartment has a ground and the same terminal is present in the main unit, be sure to ground the bell.
  • Check that the connection is correct and turn on the vending machines on the panel. Check if the device is working.

Wired model

That's how you can connect the doorbell in the apartment with your own hands. Sometimes you need to replace the device and the connection technology will be slightly different. In the case of a replacement, you will see that 4 wires exit the wall from the wall. First you need to decide which wire is responsible for what. For this we recommend using the indicator. We talked about how to use the indicator screwdriver in the corresponding article.

So, ringing all the wires, most likely, the picture will be the following - on one of the cores you will find voltage 220 V, others will not ring. This means that the walls come out:
  1. phase from the network 220( it was triggered by an indicator);
  2. zero from the network 220;
  3. the wire going to the button;
  4. the wire coming from it.

To connect the call yourself, you must first turn off the light in the apartment, then connect the 1st and 3rd wires. Accordingly, the second and fourth wire you must connect to the main unit, and then turn on the vending machines on the panel and check if the circuit is working.

By the way, sometimes there is a need to connect several buttons to one doorbell. In this case, it is recommended to connect them in parallel, as shown in the diagram below:

Switching on from two places

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to connect the doorbell in the apartment and the house with your own hands. We hope that the provided photos, diagrams and videos were clear and useful for you!

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