Today we will tell you how to choose an induction hob in 2016.If you really chose this option for a cooker, then you will learn how to choose the best model for the price and quality. The importance of the issue lies in the fact that to date, there are many firms that equip their products with various functions and amenities, and this in turn greatly affects the cost of the purchase. So, first we will consider the basic selection criteria, after which we will give a small rating so that you finally decide which induction plate to choose for the house or even the dacha.
  • Overview of modern functions and features of
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Overview of modern functions and features of

To properly choose an induction heating plate, you first have to find out which functions can be present in a particular model. Modern hobs include the following set of useful features:

  1. Control type: sensor, slider or magnetic switches. If you want to choose the optimal tile for the price and quality, the touch panel will be the best option. A slider is more convenient, but the cost of such an option is more expensive. Switches are already "retreating" and are not used in modern induction panels.
    Touch control of photo modes
  2. Number and size of burners. Here you have to decide for yourself how many zones you need for cooking. For a summer residence it is quite enough to choose an induction hob with two burners. For home and apartment, especially if the family is large, you need to choose at least 4 heating zones. Size is also very important when choosing - orienting yourself on dishes, buy a desktop surface with the appropriate size of the burners, so you do not have to change your kitchen set.
  3. Versatility. There is a combined version of the cooking surface - when several burners gas, and several induction. A very useful option if you do not completely trust the modern way of cooking or sometimes prefer to cook on gas. Combined option
  4. Visual designation of working areas. On some models of plates, the burners are highlighted in a different color, and on some, the entire surface is solid( the pan can be placed on any area).According to reviews on the forums, the first version of the performance is still more convenient for the hostess, so we recommend it. Modern manufacturers of induction cookers install expensive displays on the contours of burners. With their help, you can immediately see at a glance at which power a particular zone is currently operating, and also how much time is left before cooking. External differentiation of working areas
  5. Timer features. Standard option - the sound signal after the set time has been improved by a more intelligent mode - the induction cooker can be automatically switched off after cooking. Of course, for this function you overpay more, so if you do not need it, try to choose a simpler hob. Multifunctional timer from AEG
  6. Maintaining heat. When we considered advice on choosing a multivarquet for the home, we talked about the very useful possibility of home appliances - keeping the heat for a selected period of time. If you want the dinner to be warm for the arrival of the rest of the family, we recommend choosing a stove with the function of keeping the heat.
  7. Ability to pause cooking. In other words, "pause" - if you need to distract yourself and leave the kitchen for a while, by turning on the pause, you can be calm that nothing terrible with the hob will happen at the time of your absence. A useful feature, but if you need to choose an inexpensive induction plate, you will have to abandon the model with this mode.
  8. Funckia Booster( or PowerBoost).A very useful addition, which allows an order of magnitude increase in the capacity of one of the burners for quick cooking or boiling water. When this mode is activated, the power in the adjacent burners decreases, so be careful.
  9. Surface preparation material. Eternal battle of glass ceramics and tempered glass. The first variant is more expensive, but at the same time, glass ceramics is stronger. Want to choose an induction cooker for a house cheaper? We recommend you to choose a model with a surface of tempered glass, but only use it with extreme caution. Glass-ceramic cooking surface
  10. Energy efficiency class. No less important criterion for choosing an induction cooker for home and cottages. To save energy on cooking, try to find a tile with the energy efficiency class "A" or "A +".There are no suitable models - read how to save electricity at home in other ways. By the way, in some cookers with induction there is such a function as "Power Management".With its help you can set the economy mode of operation.
  11. Number of heating adjustment ranges. As a rule, there is not more than 16. For 20 bands you will pay accordingly more, but do you need so much? Better think, not to overpay once again.
  12. Protection from children. If the family has a small child, it is better to choose an induction hob with an increased level of safety - the locking of the buttons. Did the children grow up? Then you can not overpay and pick up a simpler version of the performance.

That's it, the most important criteria for choosing an inexpensive but good plate with induction. Take into account the provided recommendations to buy a suitable option for the house, apartment or villa and do not overpay the money. We also recommend viewing the video review below to see the main features and advantages of modern induction cooking hobs for the kitchen.

Overview of the advantages of hobs with induction
YouTube Trailer

Rating of the best brands and models of

According to multiple surveys on the forums on the Internet, we provided a rating of 2016 for the most reliable induction panels. So, to your attention the most high-quality manufacturers of home appliances and their best models, which you can not be afraid to choose for home or villa.

Bosch .The company Bosch has established itself as a fairly well-known, time-tested manufacturer of electric cookers of various classes( from budget to elite).One of the best plates for a large family is Bosch PIB651F17E.At a relatively low price, you will become the owner of a surface with 4 burners, Power Boost function and convenient touch control. If you decide to choose this Bosch model, with responsibility, go to the hob connection, becausethe maximum power exceeds 7 kW.


Electrolux .One of the most popular models of induction cookers is Electrolyux EGD 6576 NOK, the appearance of which has already been provided in this article in the photo above. The combined surface - 2 of 4 gas burners, so for a summer residence and an apartment such a panel will work well. All the necessary functions, including Bust, are present. Since 2015, the demand for this model induction hob has practically not fallen, so we give it a well-deserved place in the rating. Electrolux EGD 6576 NOK

Zanussi .Technique of Zanussi is famous for its quality and convenience in performance. If you want to choose a good induction panel for your home, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Zanussi ZEN 6641 XBA.Four burners, a child lock, a convenient surface for care and a timer are just some of the benefits. Its price, it fully justifies, so the choice of Zanussi ZEN 6641 XBA makes sense. Zanussi ZEN 6641 XBA

Hansa .Want to choose a modern low-power induction hob? Hansa Plug & Play II( BHI67303) will be an excellent option, even if the house is old wiring. Its power is 3.7 kW, which is almost 2 times less than that of other compared kitchen surfaces. Despite this, this model from the company Hansa is equipped with a function of protection from children, the recognition of dishes, four burners and other equally important features. We recommend choosing BHI67303 for a summer residence, but still you should not joke with old wiring. We told how to replace the electric wiring in the house on our own. Hansa BHI67303

Here we are and provided a small rating of surfaces with induction for the kitchen. We hope that now you know how to choose an induction hob in 2016, and what functions a modern purchase should have. We are waiting for your own feedback on the purchased plates, so that the rest of visitors will know what analogues of these TOP-4 exist and how much they justify their price!

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