What kind of warm floor under the tiles fit better?The system warm floor is widespread during construction and repair in various types of premises. A feature of this heating system is that during operation it takes into account the change in the indoor microclimate, changing its mode of operation. Among the possible options for the implementation of this method of heating is quite popular is laying warm floor under the tile, thanks to which it is possible with minimal effort to create a comfortable room indoors the atmosphere.


  • 1 Heated floor under the tile - which one is better?
  • 2 Floor preparation
  • 3 Installation of floor heating under the tile
    • 3.1 Kit preparation
    • 3.2 Laying insulation
    • 3.3 Laying the heating cable
    • 3.4 Installation of thermostat
    • 3.5 Health check
  • 4 Laying tiles on a warm electric floor

Heated floor under the tile - which one is better?

Installation of electric floor heatingTo begin, let's try to decide on a set of floor heating system. If you look at specialized construction stores, then you can find a large number of options for such kitscontaining all the necessary components. Just such kits are the most preferable for installation work, since, having such a set, you will not encounter the need to search for system elements that will fit each to a friend.

Although infrared underfloor heating systems are widely available on the market today, electric mats are the most suitable option for laying under a tile.

The main components of the kit:

  • special mats, which are represented by a curved heating cable placed on the film grid, which reaches a width of about 45 cm;
  • thermostat - for its installation, you can choose any place on the wall. This device will help you adjust the temperature of the floor;
  • connecting wires.

Keep in mind that kits from different manufacturers may include additional items. However, if we proceed from the experience of working with such systems, it is advisable to choose such a kit, not focusing on price, since cheap floors often do not meet expectations.

On average, the purchase of a set of warm floor will cost 1 500 rubles. per square meter. In other words, if you want to equip a bathroom with a similar system, then in this case you will not face the high costs of its acquisition, because most often the area of ​​coverage of this room is insignificant.

Remember that with an increase in the area on which it is necessary to lay the infrared system, the cost per square meter decreases. When choosing a suitable kit, you should take into account such a parameter as the area of ​​the bathroom and toilet. If you analyze the assortment of stores, then you can definitely find products from manufacturers Thermolux, Thermo, Electrolux, etc. It’s hard to say which of these kits will be the best choice. When deciding, the owner must rely on their own preferences and wishes.

However, one set will not be enough. You also need to take care of the presence of insulation, in which quality the foil penofol most often acts. According to its performance, this material is a substrate heater, using which manages to minimize heat loss, which, in turn, provides significant savings electricity. Installation of such an insulator should be carried out on the coupler so that the foil side is facing up.

Floor preparation

We lay an electric heat-insulated floor under a tile: detailed installation instructionsEven before the installation of heating mats under the tile with their own hands should pay attention to the base of the floor. If we proceed from the technology, the laying of the cable underfloor heating should be performed on the surface, which should be cleaned from dust and dirt and free from defects. In this regard, in the first place should be washed in the bathroom floor.

It is possible that the surface of the old coating will be quite uneven. In this case, you can cope with them mechanically. However, sometimes it turns out to be ineffective. In this case will help solve the problem screed floor, thanks to which you can perform self-alignment of surfaces. On the creation of screed should think about when you have a wooden floor in the bathroom. It is also important to determine the appropriate composition for the screed. If you decide to do this work during repairs, the best option for you will be quick-drying mixture. Cement-sand mortars will not work, as they may take up to 2 weeks to dry.

Installation of floor heating under the tile

For high-quality execution of work on the installation of such a system with your own hands, you should follow the order of the stages exactly.

Kit preparation

How to put an electric underfloor heating under the tile with your own handsThe main elements of a heated floor are heating cable and thermostat. Heating cables can be classified into two types:

  • two-core;
  • single core

Although the cost of twin-core cables is higher, in terms of safety, they are superior to single-core versions.

It is impossible to give an unequivocal recommendation as to which electric floor heating will be the best choice, since at the moment there are hundreds of brands of these systems on the market. In this regard, during the selection you should first of all pay attention to the quality of the materials of the manufacturer, not forgetting about the reviews and the warranty period. Choosing a kit should make sure you have instructions and floor installation diagramswhich must be supplemented with all necessary equipment. Sometimes it happens that additional tools are attached to the kits.

Laying insulation

Floor heating deviceMost often, thermal insulation is performed with the help of penofol, which is a modern product, characterized by the presence of a special foil coating, reaching a thickness of 14 μm, and a self-adhesive layer. The uniqueness of this material is associated with special properties that manifest themselves in low weight and thickness, as well as an insignificant coefficient of thermal conductivity, equal to 0.049 W / mK. This material is offered in stores in the form of rolls. Having finished the work on its installation in compliance with all the recommendations, you need to ensure that the joints are taped with mounting tape. According to the owners, this material is able to provide high-quality sealing.

Laying the heating cable

During the installation of electric floor heating under the tile do it yourself special mounting tape is usedfixed on the floor. This floor has another name - film. However, the film is not the best solution for laying under the tile, which is associated with a different principle of action of this material compared to the cable.

If during the preparation for the installation of a heated floor you had a heating cable that was not fixed to the mounting grid, then in this case you will have to spend extra money. Besides cable installation should be made in the form of zigzags, with the coils to be done, following the step of 20-25 cm between them. To fix the heating cable, you should use a mounting tape for laying infrared systems.

Having a ready-made kit, the owner is often free from the need to perform additional operations associated with the installation of a thermal sensor. However, this does not apply to situations where you purchased the elements of the system separately. In this case, it should be chosen for this placement option, which will save you from having to destroy the concrete screed if you need to replace it.

Most often, for laying the thermal sensor with their own hands, a corrugated tube is used, which is placed where the heating cable comes to the surface. Similar option provides free access to itif you need to pull it out when it detects a malfunction. When a new cable is laid, it is covered with a layer of cement on top, and the tile is already laid on it.

Installation of thermostat

Selection and installation of underfloor heating tilesThe most common place to install the thermostat is the wall. But it is best if it is not located in any chosen place, but in a special hole from which should groove the groovein which the electric cable will be laid subsequently.

The owner can carry out the installation work independently, without resorting to the help of specialists. Electrical cables are used to connect the heating cable to the thermostat. After performing this operation, the thermostat is connected to the mains. According to the requirements of technology, to the floor heating system the cable from the shield must be connected, for which a separate entrance should be provided, but not all owners comply with this recommendation. With great attention should be approached to correctly determine the size of the cable, which will be used to connect. Here the defining parameter will be the power consumption of the heated floor.

Health check

What types of warm floors can be laid under the tileHaving completed the installation of the cable, you can proceed to check the quality of equipment installation and ensure its reliability. It is important to obtain evidence that all operations are performed in compliance with the requirements and the system will work without problems. In this case, mistakes are not allowed.

To determine whether the film underfloor heating is in good condition, the method of applying voltage to the cable is used. At the same time, this task can be solved by measuring the cable resistance, for which a special tester is used. Additional information about the characteristics of the measurements can be obtained from the passport of the product. After completing all the checks, proceed to the creation of a cement screed, the thickness of which should be about 4-5 cm, or you can immediately begin to perform the installation of tiles.

Laying tiles on a warm electric floor

Installation of cable floor heating above the tile under the tileHow to lay a warm floor under the tile? To do this, it is enough to adhere to the classical technology. However, one point should be mentioned here: for work need a special tile gluedesigned for mounting infrared systems. Choose such glue should be based on their personal preferences. However, it is still advisable to give preference to famous brands.

The installation process is as follows:

  1. At the first stage, markup is performed or tiles are placed immediately on the base, which will help to get an approximate an idea of ​​which styling scheme is best followed to obtain a quality result. You should strive to ensure that the visible areas were present whole fragments of tile material. If you find the trim, then it is better for them to choose hidden areas.
  2. During the work on laying, the angle chosen as the reference point is the most distant from the entrance to the bathroom. During the preparation of tile glue, you must take a dry mixture, add water to it, after which everything must be thoroughly mixed.
  3. Then we take a notched trowel, cover the surface of the heating mats with a solution. Pay special attention to the fact that glue gets into all voids, and the minimum thickness of the glue layer over the heating elements should be 5 millimeters.
  4. Further in the corner plastic crosses are placed, after which the first tile is laid on the base. Immediately, you should make sure how smooth it is and how the horizon level passes. It is possible that you will need to move the tile. In this case, you should take care of the presence of plastic pegs, with which you will simplify your task and you will already know how to put a warm floor under the tile.
  5. After this, the crosses need to be placed in all directions, and then continue laying the tile. When the second and third tiles will be placed on the floor, again you need to make sure that they are laid flat and the horizon level is not disturbed. Following a similar pattern of laying, continue to install the remaining tiles, watching the horizontal of their location. When you get to areas where tiles need to be cut, keep in mind that you need a tile cutter to do this work. In the absence of this tool you can help and good glass cutterwhich can sometimes be replaced with a regular grinder.
  6. After the entire tile covers the warm floor, be patient and wait until the tile dries. Drying procedure most often takes no more than one day. Next, you need to take a spatula and cover the joints with grout.

If something is not clear to you, it is better to look at laying the warm floor under the tile video, where everything is shown in detail.

Thus, the installation of a warm floor under the tile is a fairly simple procedure, which is under the power of any owner. If you prepare all the necessary materials and follow the technology exactly while working, the end result will meet your expectations. The main thing to remember when laying a warm floor under the tile - follow the process sequence exactly mounting infrared systems. In this case, you will be able to transform the room and solve the problem of heating in your house in the most efficient way without additional expenses.